Training - Saturday 23rd April 2022

Does anyone know what time it starts?

Might head down.

If not, would love some Merrett and stringer watch!

Title: excellent.

Content: meh.


Not asked for: VFLW starts 1:30, which means the women will be starting their epically long on-ground warmup around 12:30.


That Merrett footage isnt exactly convincing…


Merrett has been fine.

Stringer was doing full speed sprints and looked okay.

Lav, not training with the main group outside of a short one on one drill. Not in the match sim. Wasn’t training a couple of days ago either.
Reid on Wright.
Suspect Reid could be an emergency and a real chance.

Edit: Lav jumped in for a little bit of match sim. Was spending time with Walla just going through paces of conditioning stuff. May just have been crook during the week and needing to ease back into it.

So I hear from someone there watching


Not match fit, bring in Ham!


Maybe I’m looking for a limp etc. but it doesn’t look like a fluid running style


Stringer is either lazy today or not match fit. I suspect the latter. Just no intensity in his training. Merrett looks ahead of him


Who would have thought

Isn’t that just how Jake trains most of the time?

Not being a smart ■■■■


Might be wary of over extending the hammy also. Or been told to go at 80%.

But if he can’t go flat out today highly unlikely for Monday

Up until the last year or two. I think it’s less about laziness now and more about limitations of his body and probably being dejected that it can’t do what he wants. Reality is it can’t do what he wants because he’s never had the professionalism to get the most out of it.

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What do you mean?

Jake was back to his explosive best late last year, when he got himself fit. I think his body is more than capable, if his mind allows it.


He was yes, and when his body was in good shape last year he was training harder than he ever had. And it reflected in the best form of his career. But the reality is that his body still isn’t reliably in that condition most of the time. In the effort to get to that level ahead of this season he has overloaded it and broke down. Now he’s trying to claw back to that level again and his body isn’t letting him train with the intensity he knows he needs to.

The penny has dropped mentally for him, but his body isn’t up to it consistently yet.

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its very simple, hes a ■■■■ trainer, ■■■■ off season preparer and therefore cant’ play a full season without random niggle injuries, and carrying a bit too much weight.


But his body reflects his mentality.

I thought Jake had turned a page mentality wise, but come this year, he’s seemingly back to old habits of getting seriously unfit after he’s had an injury (which then has contributed to him getting future injuries)

Not sure on the concern for Stringer

I was told he was looking good today.

Drilling long hard kicks with heaps of power during match sim. Something he wouldn’t be doing if hammy was of any concern, and was doing full speed repeat sprints at the start of training, no issues.


If Lav has been unwell, would rather he have a week off, rather than risk lethargy on the field.


That’ll be a Reid BZT duo.

Thankfully Collingwood don’t have any massively dominate big forwards. Cameron is a unit though who’ll go forward and Mihochek would have circled this game in his calendar a long time ago ready to kick a bag.

We will be undersized regardless. We are every week, even more so with Stewart out.

If Lav is dicey, we will just have to pull the trigger on Reid and let him at it.

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