Training Saturday 6/6/20

Training this morning in perfect conditions, a bit cool and light cloud cover but barely a breath of wind.

The session started with warm ups around 9.45 and finished about 12.15. I was joined by training regulars Bruce and Norm along with @jackie_mihocek and @CJohns.

Training today consisted of various drills along with 3 or 4 quarters of full match practice lasting 15 - 20 minutes each.

Everyone took part except:

  • Daniher who was the only player not sighted (apart from McBride and McQuilan still in isolation)
  • Fantasia was running, doing some lateral movements and kicking. His quad must be at the very minor end of the scale to be doing so much already, expect him to miss no more than 1 or 2 matches
  • Jones and Bryan who both did some work on the rehab ground before going inside the hanger and doing bike work
  • Redman who was again on the sidelines for the whole session. I have no idea what the problem was but he’s now missed the last week of training and must be in doubt for round 2
  • Cahill did a lot of running and some skills work on the rehab oval
  • Gown was on the sidelines and didn’t train at all
  • Johnson did a small amount of running on the rehab oval
  • Draper spent the whole session on the rehab oval. He did a lot of running along with ruckwork and various non contact drills
  • Snelling who competed in various drills on the second oval
  • Hird who was absent with his foot problems

The match practice was a full field game amongst the remaining 34 players. It was played at a very high pace with good skill levels and intensity. Really it was the best session of the 2 pre seasons. A notable feature was the goal kicking, apart from some rushed behinds I can’t actually remember anyone missing a shot.

The game was played between teams in red and blue. In the first quarter that was played we all agreed it looked like the team in red would all likely be playing round 2, with 5 extra players coming from blue to make up the team. The reds were - McGrath, Bellchambers, Smith, Merrett, Shiel, Francis, Cutler, Ridley, Laverde, Hurley, Townsend, Heppell, Stringer, Hooker, Saad, Tippa and McKernan.

After the first quarter various players swapped sides to even up the contest and the reds were way too strong. The most pleasing thing was there were very few skill errors from either side and also very few that I thought played poorly or didn’t get involved much. Most of the play from both sides was through good cohesive teamwork and not forced by skill errors

Here’s a rundown of everyone’s performance:

  • McGrath was in everything and looked very creative
  • Bellchambers won most of the contests and took some nice marks around the ground
  • Parish looked very sharp to me, seems to have increased his tempo from last year
  • Langford had a very solid hitout. His decision making seems much better and is not overthinking things with the emphasis on the team moving the ball quickly
  • Smith good his fair share of the ball and apart from one horrible kick to into the man on the mark was quite good
  • Merrett had a typical game, a lot of possessions and used it well
  • Gleeson I thought was a bit quiet
  • Shiel put in another good effort, it’s great watching break away from packs
  • Francis looks much more comfortable. He seems to be more involved and proactive when the ball isn’t in his area
  • Zaharakis didn’t do too much special but no glaring mistakes either
  • Cutler looks good, really integrating into the game style now
  • Ridley had another solid composed effort at CHB
  • Laverde was matched up on Ambrose and didn’t get too much of the ball
  • Begley was possibly the quietest player, he had some opportunities to take marks but couldn’t make the most of them
  • Stewart was matched up on Hurley and found it hard to mark but had some impressive efforts at ground level
  • Hurley was very solid on Stewart and was being much more physical with his body work
  • Mutch has a few involvements but not a standout
  • Townsend had another good effort, again used his body well in marking contests and applied a lot of pressure
  • Heppell looked very good and must be very close to full fitness. Pencil him in for round 2
  • Mo22ie had quite a few involvements and is always creative when he gets it, although did get caught once trying to do too much
  • Stringer - the Lazarus man. He went down with what looked to be a serious injury to his foot, and punched the ground in dismay before recovering 10 mintes later and playing in the second quarter, before finishing slightly earlier than the rest, probably precautionary. He was fantastic when playing possibly the best player.
  • Hooker had a solid game in defense
  • Ambrose wore Laverde like a glove, definitely had the best of the duel
  • Zerk wasn’t involved much but I can’t recall any mistakes
  • Ham had some very good moments, including a very solid mark on the wing and a great 100 metre play with a long kick and then taking the handpass from the resulting mark
  • Phillips was probably just eclipsed by Bellchambers in ruck duals but did some nice work around the ground
  • Guelfi had a typical game, got a few possesions and applied pressure
  • Clarke also did some nice things but not one of the better midfielders
  • Saad has an interesting matchup with Mo22ie, both players had good moments
  • Tippa did what he normally does making the most of it when he got the ball. He didn’t kick any goals himself but set up others and was very creative
  • McKernan was the best tall forward, made good position and took some nice marks
  • McKenna was a little scratchy early but improved as the game went on and didn’t look out of place with the pace. With Redman doubtful he may be a chance to play round 2
  • Hibberd took some very strong marks and while he didn’t get a heap of possessions he kicked 3 good goals. He certainly gave the selectors something to think about.

Overall I thought it was the perfect hitout in the leadup to our next match, hopefully there isn’t anything to worry about with Stringer.


Frosty day turned all warm and fuzzy from a training report

Generally great reading, bar some injured/iffy core players.

Kudos as always.

Goal kicking strong marking big bodied inside mid ay!

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Nice work.

Did we win?

But in all seriousness, yay go us!

Sad about Redman, mostly positive otherwise. Thanks!




Appreciate the extensive report and taking the time to run down on everyone’s condition and performance - thank you @nackers


Like it, @nackers. Really pleased about Heppell.




Huge thanks @nackers. Details about each player is fantastic. Redman is interesting- noticed on the “live” broadcast he was doing
some 1:1 work with Pops - seemed to be on positioning. Hopefully he’s back soon.
Great to have such a positive view of the team leading into the game next week.

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one of hooker, Ambrose, Hurley, Ridley and franga will miss out

they all don’t fit in one backline. be interesting to see which way we go



Ridley is in my supercoach team and scored 100 in round 1. Makes him a certainty to get dropped.


Stringer is fine… but!!!

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As above

Bookmarked for use in eight days time.


Just my thoughts

Was a 2 1/2 hour session today. Players did three Qtrs of match simulation and in between each Qtr was a 20 min type light drill or running.

Players not in full match simulation today

Snelling - just bike work today. Did one very light kicking drill at the end
Redman - unable to train which has been the case all week. Must be in some doubt
Daniher - not sighted at all
Fantasia- though looking quite good in running laps
H. Jones
S. Draper - did complete most drills and is looking quite good
L. Johnson
McBride - isolation
McQuillan - isolation
Ned Cahill - just limited to light drills

First thing I will say is the skills were quite impressive today. I was expecting them to be a bit rusty but I thought the ball use was actually quite strong. So much so I hardly saw anyone miss a set shot or a running goal. Felt like 10.1 on goals I saw.

Caracella was always in the middle and seemed to be the architect with ball movement. Truck only yelled out (booming voice) if he saw something the players were not doing right or needed correction. At one point Truck screamed out to Hurley to get his back 6 setup better setup whilst the ball was at the opposite end and Hurls obliged and communicated to group. From the eye test it seemed to me the ball was to be moved on with speed but in control. This required all players constantly moving and communicating. It seemed to help create space and help look for the 30m option rather than the long kick to 50/50 or worse…similar to what we saw in the Eagles clash earlier in Pre season. I noticed the ball on our side of the wing near the boundary line, Pidge had it. Kelly yells out…head to the launching place. Pidge kicks it 20m to his left…then Heppell kicks it to 70m out in central position. Kelly then says ok lauch now…forwards then lead to both sides for options. The whole point was for us to be in control of the footy and not be reckless or bomb it. Another little thing was if the ball was in dispute on the ground…tap it forward to your goals…but players being setup to know this will happen…very Richmond like that way.

Players of note for me:

Langford was super impressive today. Played a ruck rover type role and in some stages it felt like he was everywhere getting the ball and being more calm with it. His clearance work I thought was the big improver…he actually is not that bad at it anyway but his craft seems to be on the improve as a pure Mid. Played there the whole time.

McGrath was also the other highlight…just worked his butt off to create options and has the discipline to get back and cut off leads to help out the defence.

Francis for the first 2/3 was possibly our best defender alongside Ridley. Had a fantastic play with bursting through 3 guys at high speed. I thought he looked more sound one on one today as well.

Ridley looks to have taken a big step up. He looks confident and there is not many more stunning kicks you would see than this guys action. Just play this kid and let him shine. I have a feeling they will.

Cutler is that kind of player that for a Qtr can just dominate. He started the match on fire and was the difference between both sides. As the game went on he faded a bit but still you would have to think he is a good chance for Swans. Townsend I felt had a simialr input early on.

Heppell looks close to being right to go. As the game went on he had more influence. Kicked a nice set shot goal on an angle too.

Parish you sense is a smokey to really take off. I thought his ball use was ok today and just had a maturity about him that i sense means a player is about to shine.

I thought Zaka, Smith and Shiel were pretty quiet but 2 of those were in modified group at the start of training. You sense when game starts they will click into gear.

Tall forwards struggled a little. Stewart is understandably rusty and I didn’t get the impression he was any sort of lock for Swans. McKernan had a bit more presence about him. Begley was not really prominent to be blunt.

Stringer had it all. He had a fantastic first period…then in the 2nd looked like he got shot in the foot. He went down holding his foot or toe…look frustrated and limped around the sideline. Visually we all thought it was serious. 20 mins later he comes back out and plays the next period and looked ok? He did get taken off with about 15 mins before the end but hoping that was pre-cautionary. No doubt there is something there that is likely sore but not structurally wrong.

Thought Mossie had his moments. He is exciting when he gets it. Walla had some nice cameos too.

All in all I think they would be happy with today


So much to like in these reports. Thanks @nackers and @CJohns.