Training today NOW Sun 19 Feb 2023

Who is here blitzers?



This means training reports on a Sunday, my weekend is made.


Most Blitzers are now more interested to see how we go against the Suns on the 23rd. TBH.

Dancing with ones sister never really was an indication of how one would perform when it came to the real thing.

I am still interested to see who is still in the modified group though.


Munkara training with the main group? :eyes:


Guelphi, Stuzz and Cox atm

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Modified group is Cox, Reid, Hobbs, Jones, Guelfi, J.Davey and Stewart. Jones and Cox moving well so it looks more managed. Cox was doing max speed 100 sprints and looks almost ready to go. Stewart similar. Hobbs was looking not far away as well.

Voss is training with main group and no issues with knee.


Tough session then??? :wink:


Potentially only two players (Reid and Jayden Davey) mightn’t be ready to play footy come round 1-3ish.

What round in the AFL season does the VFL start? I imagine that there will be VFL practice matches going from AFL round 1 anyhow.

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Montgomerie and McBride training?

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  • Tsatas

Ahhh yep. Forgot him!


VFL(W) start one week after AFL.

I don’t think a VFL practice match has been announced for the week of AFL round 1. Presumably there will be one then, but not one in AFL “round 0” as that is always a week off.


I arrived at 11, so I can’t tell you much.

What I saw was the drill that some have mentioned a few times, the players had to start at the boundary and run into defensive set up position. Some of the disposal into the forward line left a bit to be desired, but further up the ground we look far more organised, they look like they know what they’re doing when they get the ball, and the defensive pressure looked good.

I only saw Munkara running laps with Davey, both look to be building good, consistent pace.

Montgomerie took an absolute ripper of a high mark. Merrett looked a class above with ball in hand.

But do you know what made the short trip worth it?

Walla. He’s really showing shades of his old self. I think in January he was moving about half as well as he is now. Really starting to build his pace, and he looks committed to apply defensive pressure. It took me back to the times where watching him was the only reason you’d go and watch Essendon. I now have him in for round 1.

Keen for the practice games.


Thanks for the report Matt! Love this bit


Good, I’d be doing this drill 100x a week with this group that haven’t been able to set up a decent zone in the past 10 years.


Sounds like they have been


Fairly chilled session this morning. Was in the middle of a normal training session and a captains run. Quite a number of small broken up groups doing unique skill set drills.

As i noted Cox, Jones, Guelfi, Hobbs, J.Davey, Munkara, Stewart, Reid and i was meant add in McBride. It did feel 60% were very close to being ready…that would be Cox, Stewart, Jones(likely just managed) and Guelfi. Injury list is actually pretty good right now if you’re thinking round 1 availability. Match fitness though with some will be more the issue as they have played little game simulation time. Munkara did do many of the lighter drills and moving a lot better.

One drill i liked was the back 8 v forward 8 were working how to operate as a team and help block and get a forward a few metres space to lead from defender. Often it was a forward being the dummy and Phillips or Draper were the ones finding space through blocking. Just mixing up the unpredictability of marking options. Like the idea of this considering opposition will be so Peter Wright focused in their planning.

One other drill that got my interest was one they have done before which is all players starting from the bench and have to run into positions within 10 seconds and if there is a turn over… they have to all run back to the bench. Now i have to be careful in how i discuss this as i don’t want to give opposition teams any IP. I will keep it very high level only.

So I walked around to the bench in which the two teams start from. Stanton and Hurls both had whiteboards and would show the players before they ran out. I noticed that every time players ran back to bench Hurls and Stants setup different positioning zoning structures that the players must quickly adapt too according to the set play or where the ball would start in the match sim drill. Some plays may only go for 2 mins after a turnover. When they run off a new zone or play is on the whiteboard and players must switch and get in the right positioning. Whiteboard zones were very different each time. I did see the whiteboard plays being called and positioning of zones and it was incredibly interesting. I obviously wont call them out though in detail. Players seemed to understand the different called zones well. No doubt a better test is with opposing AFL teams who have their own built in systems to counter.

Stand out for me was actually Montgomerie who was fantastic today. He is really impressing and the players were loudly voicing it to him as well.
McGrath as well very solid. Menzie doing very little wrong.

Thats it from me. Think we are in a decent space regarding injuries are getting more under control (touch wood)


You could probably add our first pick to that lot

A monty for a game in the first few rounds perhaps?