Training Wednesday 25th January 2023

He may well have zero sympathy for the two WA clubs seeing they ignored him for 2 years when he was under their noses. If he had compelling family reasons, like Tim Kelly, then maybe.


Oh please. He’d be about the 3rd or 4th best defender in his own team and was outplayed by Zerk last year. Lav shows great effort but he’s far from an A grade backman.

I might be the odd one here but I enjoy Nino and the posting. I like the fact that he’s bloody passionate about the club.


Show Andrew McGrath this…


Show it to Tex while you are at it.


Tex: “Ohh FFS, my dad has already shown this to me 30 times”


me too. if he produces a year of footy like his last two games played in the guts on oliver and pendlebury (?) he’ll have an enormous impact on the balance of our midfield and improve us significantly.


He is the one.

i think we need one at either to make and win a final. i think we’ve certainly got one in the front half in 2mp . i think ridley can be the dominant big man we need in the back half. the area we need to see the most improvement in to be consistent is being more competitive at the contest around the ground, keeping pressure on the ball around the ground and not giving up easy overlap run away from contests.


2MP is an excellent player and shows every sign of becoming better, but he’s pretty one-dimensional – a mark and kick player, and I can’t see him developing much more mobility as he gets older.

Ridley and Laverde both just don’t quite cut it as KPPs, basically because they don’t have the core strength to play on a real power forward. Someone above pointed out that Laverde is the same height as Stephen May, 193 cm; but May is 10 kg heavier and it’s all muscle. Ridley is actually 2 cm taller, but he’s still 8 kg lighter than May. Zerk is also 195 cm, but Wikipedia shows his weight as only 86kg.

I like Zerk but FK me he would’ve been demolished if he played on the best fwd every week.
Lav is more versatile and has him covered easily.

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If the the the midfeild and fwd line were able to apply pressure and lock the ball in our half the back six would be fine

Makes it hard for players like Lav and Ridley to defend when the ball continues to come in lace out


That’s what everyone said about Ben Brown. He kicked the most goals from 2017-2019, Norf traded him out then he won a premiership with Melbourne. Wright is fine. He started to kick more goals when Hooker got dropped, and had a great season last year. I’m expecting him to have at least a solid season, 40 goals minimum, and that’s all you need from a full forward. With the list we have right now, anything more than that is a great bonus.


Genuinely think people write Menzies purely because of all time troll Xavier Menzies on here :joy:


I hope they are. Just like they do with Sheil. That’s also trolling isn’t it?

Even Rance would have had heaps of goals kicked on him last season with the amount of pressure free ball getting delivered to the oppostion forwards.


If we are to concede that Crod has a point about Laverde in 2022, then Crod also needs to concede that Laverde was a high quality defender in 2021.


Can anyone share how to access the training dates and times?

Welcome aboard.

We have discussed this at length because the club don’t post this stuff. If they did there would be a better atmosphere, merch sales, probable increase membership etc.

I think someone posted it might become Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday from now on.

Hopefully someone can confirm.


Why only train 3 days per week?
I’m old but still manage to train 4 or 5 days each week.
If we trained 6 days per week we would be twice as good, and we would still be in the game 10 minutes into Q1 v cats, rather than having already lost after 5 minutes.