Training Wednesday 4/6/14

and so it continues training is mild,overcast conditions on the McCracken Oval. Muriel St Bomber and Hambro helped me today.

Absent we’re Winderlich and Melkshame. Hurley, Jackson Merret and Dempsey ran laps. Carlisle did limited training today.

The mood today was one of measured intensity which was a step up from yesterday’s more low key session. Towards the end of training Bomber who had been watching with great concentration,bent over with hands on knees decided to give the players a Rev up starting with Hooker who was contesting ground balls with Baguley. “Make it harder for him Hooksey” before telling everyone “we’ll stay out here until we get it right!” However the indication that the players had trained well today was apparent when Bomber dropped back to his normal jovial mood.

Bomber told me in the preseason that we didn’t need a ruck coach when I questioned the lack of one but many of you will be pleased to learn that big Steve Allessio strode on to the field to fulfil this role today Neil Craig telling me “we’ve resurrected him.” Bell chambers, Ryder and Daniher were very attentive and I will describe two of the points he was making - usually to Joe but for the benefit of all three. Firstly he showed Joe how to block his opponent with his body from a frontal position then to sprint forward. Secondly he pointed out to Joe that he needed to change direction much more often presumably because his movement in a straight line was making him very predictable.

While on ruck work it was interesting to see Fletcher practising roving to the ruck contests. Is there anything this man can’t do? I be the can also ride and sing and shoot like Roy Rogers.

Bomber has invented the 1,2,3 drill. Like many drills we see the aim is to move the ball quickly down field. The player receiving the ball has to runs and bounce immediately (not sure why) and then kick it within three seconds. “1,2,3,4,5 too slow Kavanagh” and this quick ball release was also emphasised in other drills.

Neil Craig spent a lot of time working on goal kicking (joe kicked six in a row at one stage) Fantasia had a set shot about twenty metres out in the pocket. Craig said “miss this and I’ll send you back to Norwood - on a bus not a plane” What do you think the result was? However there is a serious note to his comments - in matches so far Fantasia has not been a “deadly” kick for goal and despite his talent his goal kicking needs work for him to be the successful small forward we need.

The drill the players probably enjoyed the most was the bump/goal kicking drill. Skippy tapped the ball to a player who wheeled and kicked at goal after being bumped by a bag held by Corrigan. The two best at this were Chapman who got the ball on to his boot incredibly quickly and Paddy who is just a natural at everything making sure he planted his foot very firmly before kicking. Myers had the most interesting approach he simply smashed the bag to one side with a huge swipe of his arm which jolted Corrigan a considerable distance sideways with calls from the players that he needs more time in the gym.

The Richmond win, significant because they generally played well, has lifted spirits and I think they will approach the GWS game in a very business like manner with growing confidence in the game plan and their ability to implement it.

My favourtie time of the week.


Thanks again JM.


Loved the last paragraph, approach it in a business manner. If we do, we should beat them by 10 goals.

Love the bit about Myers smashing Corrigan aside :P

Great stuff as always Jackie and your helpers today.

Great report.


Paddy Ambrose or Paddy Ryder is the natural?

Melkshame? Either a typo or he's exposed himself... :)


Great report as usual! Thank you!

Myers is such a brute, he gets tackled but stands up and shruggs them off...Love this bloke!

:)  Love your work JM

V.happy to read they are spending good time on goal kicking practice.  


As for the rest of what the drills, love the mantra from Bomber to push practice makes perfect. It will yield results.


They have every reason to be up and confident with a win like that after the bye.

Did he kick it???


I gots to know.

My favourtie time of the week.


Thanks again JM.


Loved the last paragraph, approach it in a business manner. If we do, we should beat them by 10 goals.

Me too. I look for the training thread first.

Reading these training reports and the way Bomber goes about it (love it BTW, thanks Luke), makes me sad that he won't be in the job next year.

These are great. Many thanks!

Did he kick it???


I gots to know.


I did see an Italian on the bus heading for Adelaide today!

Great work JM & friends!............ Good to hear Bomber took your advice on the ruck coach!

KAV! was mentioned!

Its funny how well the players train after a win but after the loss often the training reports are a lot more somber.


Thanks again jackie you're a superstar and we're all grateful for your continued reports.

Any reason for Carlisles limited training that you know?

Thanks for that. Hoping Winderlich and Melksham are ok for the game. Both had quiet nights against Richmond (I know Jake was the sub).

My favourtie time of the week.
Thanks again JM.
Loved the last paragraph, approach it in a business manner. If we do, we should beat them by 10 goals.

Just please have the governance sorted.