Training Wednesday March 27

Sharp session today.

Without giving too much away about what the coaches have devised the players are definitely planning to hunt the Saints players.

It was all about pressure, contest ball and energy.

There were different match sims but certainly in main one it was apparent that players were told to niggle their opponents.

Bellchambers was very physical with the other rucks.

And Langford and Mutch had each other’s jumpers and there may have been a jumper punch or two.

The squad is remarkably healthy.

Stringer did most things and while he didn’t push super hard or was pushed hard, he moved fine.

Daniher did some 100 metre running at a fair pace but certainly not full pace. I think round 4 he’s a chance. Whether AFL or they give him a run in the twos.

Brown was given a light session but moving fine.

Stewart also moved well and looks close to being available to play again.

Zach Merrett and Dea swapped numbers during the session. Maybe there’s some significance in that act, who knows.

Heppell summed the session up after main match sim:

“That’s the way we f***ing play. Good job.”


No doubt we can play well against ourselves.


Good to hear

They didn’t even mention Stewarts groin issue in the injury update. Maybe he is good to go.

Swapping numbers could divert some attention, maybe… could’ve found someone more like for like than Dea though.

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Tricking saints into thinking that Merrett is doing Rehab would have to be the motive as Dea is coming back from the knee injury.

Not sure the value in this though?

How was the fumbling and disposal?

Interesting to read that Melbourne were doing some conditioning after their training session today.

Was there anything like that today for us?

Most of our players do seem to be lacking fitness so wonder if this was thought about.

I would think the 6 day break may prevent us from doing it.

Surely the Saint spies aren’t that dumb.


Grouse report. Just what I wanted to hear. If they bring the intensity, the rest will take care of itself.


The opposition wasn’t much chop. I hope it was a ‘bring your mouth gaurd’ session.

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Appreciate the feedback. Awesome stuff :ok_hand:

Thanks @Begbie

How did Zerrett go?

Thanks for the report Begbie. How did Hooker train, on track for rd 3 you think?

Sounds like a good first response from the group.

Thanks @Begbie, big effort to head out there following Sunday’s disappointment.


He was good. Moved well.

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Yeah sorry should have mentioned Hooker.
Did everything the main group did. Yep will play against Melbourne unless club goes conservative route.


The same Saints that recruited Hannebury without a medical?


Didn’t they claim yesterday that was incorrect, he did 4 medicals before signing with them.

Had to do 4, before he finally passed one I guess.