Travel Thread


So Typhoon on its way to Kyoto to rain on my travel plans.

Not sure if the Japanese are being over dramatic, but all the stores have shut and sirens been going for a while now.

Only a little bit of wind, and a ‘little bit of water’.

Get to tick Typhoon off the bucket list I guess…

@JohnRain what should I expect?


Typhoons move incredibly slowly, THT. It is now passing through Shikoku & will hit Kansai soon (which includes Kyoto - is that where you are now?) It hasn’t arrived there as yet (will prolly arrive between 8-9 p.m. tonight), so don’t be fooled by the calm before the storm.

Winds of that speed will shatter thin glass, not to mention flying objects, so most homes & street level shops have shutters (mine included). They are necessary. In the last one (a couple of weeks ago), huge trucks were pushed over by the force of the winds. A tanker was pushed into the bridge connecting Kansai Airport & severed it. Power poles & trees came down. Flooding is also a real possibility in parts. You will be looking at 400-500mm of rain when it hits. Melbourne receives around 663mm per year.

If you don’t have to go out, I would strongly suggest that you stay indoors. You’ll be fine indoors, but venturing out in it is pure madness.


Shinkansen & local JR train services will be suspended until it passes. In Tokyo, all trains will stop at 8 p.m. tonight. In Osaka/Kyoto, they may have already been suspended. @mrjez is out that way, so perhaps he could confirm.


Yeah, stay in tonight. You won’t have any way to get around, everything will be closed. Kansai is being very careful after we got smacked hard a few weeks back. Kyoto will get about 300mm rainfall over these 24 hours. The wind will pick up, hitting around 9pm. All should be fine tomorrow.


Well. already drunk all the beer and eaten all my supplies, think everything is closed up for now anyway.

Just watching a Spongebob Square pants marathon.

I notice our windows all have an internal wire mesh which now makes sense, as they’re not really aesthetically pleasing. Main thing I’d be concerned about is the overhead wires coming down in the wind. They look shonky AF.

Local train stopped about midday, and a local hotelier refused to order us a cab, and there’s been some kind of sirens going most of the afternoon. That was about 6 hours ago, so was kind of expecting a bit more action.


Ha, ha. Yeah, I worry about the power pole directly across from my home. If it comes down, it will cut my wooden home in half.

Oh, don’t worry about that. It hasn’t arrived as yet. You will know when it does.

Just finished some fantastic yakiniku at home.

I just subscribed ($30) online to the NRL granny. Storm vs Roosters. About to start right now.


It was actually a calm pleasant day, but rain has kicked in and it’s slowly picking up. Put on NHK on channel 1 if you wanna get an idea of what it’s gonna be like. Looks pretty strong.


You are speaking my language. Lived in Tokyo for 3 years until recently, the first half of which was in Nakameguro. Moved to the border of Daikanyama/Ebisu for the second half - those suburbs are probably my favourite places in the world. Have many other recommendations for those areas if you are ever in need.


Wow - Yeah it’s a very nice area! Amazing spot to live…Please do!! I’d love some recommendations. Are you based in the south bay now? I often head down south but definitely don’t know it as well…


Don’t sleep on Cinque Terre.

Hands down, the most beautiful place I have seen.



I went to an Insight presentation on Tuesday night in at Warrnambool where they presented next year’s tours. I’ve done a tour with them through Spain and last year from Prague to Warsaw via Vienna, Budapest and Krakow, and they were absolutely top notch.

The guy I always travel with has got a full year travel-wise next year, so it had to be something reasonably late in the year. He’s got his daughter’s wedding in Thailand in April, then an old crony invited him on a boat trip along the Canal du Midi in June, and since Essendon will surely be playing Melbourne in the grand final next year, we’ve settled on a 14-day tour of Southern Italy and Sicily starting Oct 5 or Oct 12.

Probably then head to Switzerland for a bit of rail travel for a week or so. Wouldn’t mind dropping into the Cinque Terre for a few days on the way, but the tour finishes in Sicily. Wouldn’t have minded training it from Rome up to Cinque Terre, but it might be awkward. One or t’other, I suppose.


A proper carving knife on a plane… Those were the days.


Can’t recommend Swiss rail travel high enough. If there is any better scenery in the world I haven’t come across it yet


Is anyone from, or has anyone been to, Port Douglas/Palm Cove in late December? The girlfriend and I are thinking of doing NYE in either of those places but we’ve heard conflicting views about the weather in December/January.


My mate did a tour a few months back, and wants to go again. Was thinking of landing in say Zurich, doing the train trip around Switzerland, then heading by train from Geneva to Cinque Terre, then onto Rome for the 14-day tour starting 12/10 next year.


There are several rail trips that are amazing. The Glacier Express and Bernina Express are our two favourites.


Portillo did Switzerland on his latest show on SBS earlier this week.


Oh damn, I missed it.
If you are organising the travel yourself, weigh up getting a Swiss travel pass. It doesn’t always work out cheaper for everyone but after doing the calculations we saved approx $320 each over the 8 days of the pass. Some scenic rail journeys are covered by the pass


SBS On Demand?

Only problem is you have to sign up for it, but I don’t mind because I give it a bit of a kicking.

This Australian site does hotel booking too…


I will have to check it out.
I just download the SBB app and plot the journey and routes and use a travel website like Expedia to read reviews and then book hotels directly. Switzerland would be the easiest place on Earth to travel around by train, their network is second to none