Travel Thread


Well, it’s a very nice place! It gets ■■■■■■ busy as the night rolls in.

Is there anything/anywhere you can recommend I MUST take kids?

( did a hedgehog cafe which they lived, but they seem to prefer hanging in the hotel)


How old are your kids, THT?


9 and 11


We did a big trip around the states myself and 3 friends. We went to vegas twice. Once on a quick trip for a ufc event just two days one night. Then went back for a good party and I agree it’s way too full on. It grows after a while but they went back for another week at the end and I could stand the idea so I went to San Fransisco and Seattle for the the week best decision I ever made. It’s fun in small doses but to hectic


For Croatia, my first suggestion would be make sure you get to Plitvice Lakes. To do this, we stayed in Zadar, which is a small, but beautiful walled city. From there you can catch a bus (they’re rather frequent) and it only takes about 1 hour. I think a lot of people go from Split, or even Dubrovnik, but I honestly think it’s too far away.

If you go to Split, you can visit some of the islands (such as Hvar, from which you can visit the Blue Cave), and Krka National Park. You can actually swim at Krka if you so desire, whereas at Plitvice no one is allowed in the water.


Are you still in Tokyo, THT? Rainy day. Onsen may be good. There is one in Tokyo. Indoor rockclimbing/bouldering also a fun option for the kids. There are heaps of indoor game centres.


Just been hitting the shops. Place is relatively ‘quiet’ once it’s raining.

Booze (spirits) are soooooo cheap here.


You like craft beer, right? Unfortunately beer in Japan is priced like back home, but Tokyo is teeming with good beer bars if you can escape the family for a bit.


Have you tried the Batting Cages?

I want to try but i feel a bit old for wanting to try!


Have been hitting up a few Japanese bbq joints and bars while the kids are busy.

Some of their generic beer isn’t so bad either, each big label seems to have a few premium ones which we don’t get in AU.


I haven’t tried for many years, but it’s fun if your body holds up!


Baird Beer is a must. The pale ales & IPAs are excellent, especially with the 3 meat plate.


And feel free to bring me back a bottle of Yamazaki :wink:


In tossing up NZ, the south island always gets plenty of mentions. Anyone have some fun experiences on the north island?


North of Auckland, Bay of Islands is stunning. If you are into golf, some great courses with panoramic ocean views. Some great places to stay with wonderful food.

South of Auckland is Rotorua, interesting place and further on is some high plains that are full of beautiful wild flowers this time of year. Some nice towns and beaches on each coast and a Glacier to look at.

And if you are lucky, you will see a parade of some of the biker gang up to 100 very tough looking people on bikes. We stopped at a pub they took over and they were the most polite bikers ever.


No glaciers in the NI ‘Fox but there are the three volcanoes on the central plateau and the Tongariro Crossing day walk over the saddle between two of them.


Most definitely are glaciers on Mt Ruapehu although they are very small in comparison to the ones on the South Isle.


They may not be big, but they are there


Righto then. I lived there for fufteen years but stand corrected.

(Writing this from Hermanus in South Africa waiting for the weather to improve so we can take a boat whale watching)


I’m in Tokyo every 2 months or so for work. Definitely agree on recommending people to stay in Nakameguro when visiting. Both the Hibiya line and the tokyu-toyoku line are the best train lines for exploring the city and run from Nakameguro Station. It’s a 20 min walk through the beautiful Daikanyama area to Shibuya, is quiet but close to heaps of action, has the lovely river and excellent coffee to start the day (Omnibus being my fav). You can get to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Ginza, Yokohama and Ebisu very easily all from that station.

Theres heaps of amazing food in the area and some excellent bars. I highly recommend bar Tractor. Run by great people who serve really cheap and yum beverages. Although the owner doesn’t speak a huge amount of English they are foreign friendly for a small neighbourhood bar. They open in the mornings for breakfast which is ‘Aussie style’ due to one of the owners living and working in cafes here…really yum! The friendliest drinking experience I’ve had in Tokyo.

Also Bar Track - in Ebisu is one of the nicest bars I’ve been in… It’s a record bar for listening without the hype or rudeness (JBS cough). Insane quality drinks in amazing all wood bar, great acoustics and free bar snacks lined up infront of you. Great spot close to the station.

I always start my trips by getting a pocket wifi unit at the airport (dropbox it on the way home) and a PASMO card filled up. Couldn’t live without them…

Keen to hear some peoples recommends when travelling to Tokyo because I tend to get stuck in a rhythm after visiting so much.