Travel Thread


There are vegetarian options on the menu too.


Erm… I’ll just have the tagine thanks…


The Karsat is like Haggis, I would try that one. Maybe not the testicles though.


Sheeps head goes with salad? Who knew? I always go for the mash and veg option.


My usual hotel in PEK has recently put a black Texta line though their menu where it used to offer dog.


What sites do people use to set up search options and track deals? I think I used Skyscanner a while back, but be happy to hear of others.


Dammit, my apartment in Osaka has just cancelled on me!
Need to find somewhere else pronto.
Any recommendations from our resident Japan-o-philes?


Looking for recommendations from those who have been to England. We want to see London and visit the midlands (for family). What else is a good place to visit? Looking at 7-8 days.


What do you need? Rooms, beds, location.

We had an ok place for a few nights with family near Umeda, but for the life of me can’t get a link out of AirBNB.


AirBnB should have plenty of listings for Osaka, Gnik. Otherwise, a cheap business hotel (if just needing a comfortable base). You would need to check if they can add an additional bed for your daughter, otherwise you might have to book two rooms (this happened to me in December when the three of us took a short trip). Even two rooms worked out at about 12,000 yen (total) including breakfast. I wasn’t in Osaka, though, but you could do it for around that price. APA hotels are quite cheap.


What are your interests?
I’d hire a car as roads are good and easy to navigate and distances are reasonable. Plenty of excellent places to visit in England.


London is expensive, so need to know your budget.

Last time I stayed in Bloomsbury. The British Museum is wonderful and 2 blocks away. Most other things you would want to see in London are walking distance or easy to get to by public transport.

I have driven around the UK and also taken the train - last time was to Manchester - the railway line is walking distance from the hotel in Bloomsbury :wink: As bad as post-Thatcher British rail is, it is not as frustrating as the small and congested UK roads (compared to ours that is). Hire a car when you get to your midlands destination.


Speaking from experience, avoid the Nishinari Ward. Good food to be found there, but not so great as an area, and full of flea-bitten accommodation…


Going with family we have 3 boys 9-14. We enjoy any place we go really, love seeing attractions and surrounds.


Another website that can often turn up something at pretty short notice here is Grab something reasonable in Namba (are you still aiming for an airport bus from there?) or Shinsaibashi. Even go higher towards Umeda, but like Baker’s experience be wary of what neighbourhood you might cop if you go south of Namba.
If you see anything decent and want a heads up about the neighbourhood, send me a PM or @ me here.


Yep. Good suggestion. I recently used for a business hotel in Mie. They have some great deals.


If you’re into Ancient Rome, Jerash, not far from the Syrian border, is gobsmacking


Thanks @mrjez, @JohnRain, @tinhillterror, @BAAKKEERRRR.
I’ll check out AirBnB, though I’m now wary of private apartments.
Otherwise I’m tending towards spending some FF points on a triple room in Swissotel above Namba station. Seems like a good location & handy to the Airport Limo Bus for our early flight home.


For what it’s worth I am in Chile right now.


Swissotel is pretty much the perfect location.