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In Germany, sausages for lunch in a roll, Pork Knuckles for dinner.
In Budapest you can’t beat plain Langos with salt or garlic (try upstairs at the Market) any Gulyas & the stuffed cabbage


Now I have a hankering for Wiener schnitzel. Nothing on the plate except for a schnitzel bigger than your head with a piece of lemon. No need for anything else.


You sure you quoting the right plane here? The A350 is a new plane.


Yep I’m sure. They have 10 A350’s in their fleet and their first 5 which first came into service 4 years ago have a staggered 1-2-1 seating configuration and these are inferior IMO. The latest 5 they have purchased have the 1-2-1 reverse herringbone Zodiac seating which is a huge improvement over the “older” ones. These aircraft commenced just under a year ago and are used on the Australian routes regularly but can be subbed at short notice. The older seats feel a lot more cramped and are not as comfortable. If you are in the older seats make sure you get a genuine window seat


Budapest Restaurant opposite Elsternwick Station.

Every sort of schnitzel you can imagine, and some of them fit your criteria.


I couldn’t find a vegetarian schnitzel.


Did you mean to post this is in the flog thread?




I’d avoid Argentinean restaurants too, if I were you.


true - in Buenos Aires it was beef or more beef


Try having a vegetarian wife and trying to find food in Poland or in Japan.


I have a vegetarian wife. We haven’t traveled but true some countries are more challenging than others. Vegan/vegetarian food is becoming more popular for a range of reasons, but you need to plan ahead. Depending where you are going it can be easier to think about eating at restaurants/cuisines that do veg well - middle eastern, Indian. Plus go for the sides - which is the best place to get your dose of greens and veg.


Yeah and this may be snobbish/floggish but when we travel, I make a rule of only eating the local cuisine.
Ie: poland. There are a ton of Italian restaurants here, but there is no way I’m eating at an Italian restaurant in Poland. Same goes for the Indian and Arab restaurant here in poland.
When we get back to italy in a week I’ll just be eating pizza and pasta, no other non-Italian foods.

We haven’t even had a single gelato while here in Poland and I reckon there are more in Poland than there are in Italy


I get that fully and I try and do the same. Or did (a lot more easily ) when I ate meat. yep - it’s a lot harder. However you also have to eat.


Done thr first half of the Auschwitz tour.



Met couple of Aussies on the tour, one is a bombers man. Good stuff


Don’t forget to get the souvenir T-shirt


T-shirt that says “I went to Auschwitz and SURVIVED” ?

Edit - will delete this if in poor taste.


Yah, it’s incredible the items that the Nazis collected from the victims… I mean, who’s going to re-use some of those things??


There were a heap of Israeli paramilitaries there when i went. 20 or so. Maybe it’s part of their induction.

I didn’t find Dachau nearly as confronting as Auschwitz…mainly because it wasn’t a full-scale extermination camp.