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I can highly recommend the restaurant PLACHUTTA WOLLZEILE for a special meal. It’s in the centre of Vienna.

They are famous for their Tafelspitz, which is what you should have if you go there.
It’s a Viennese boiled beef dish. It was superb. Very flavoursome and delicious. It’s an historical dish, check out the blurb here.

The restaurant is very nice (so slacks and a shirt :slight_smile:) and perfect for a pre-dinner drink.


concur - great way to see Berlin and understand it’s history and geography (it’s a fantastic city). The one I went on left near the Zoo /train Station, and it also used the train to get around so you see a large part of Berlin. Do it early so you can work out places to go back to.

@Houli_Dooley - and do the beer gardens as they are done so well there.


Fantastic @Bomb_Doe!!
I’ve added Plachutta Wollzeile to the to do list and the walking tours in Berlin seem a no brainer at little cost.
Much appreciated!


For something a little kitsch I’d recommend the Trabi tour aswell. My wife and I had a ball doing it


Budapest by Night !


if you want to do Plachutta Wollzeile then best to book - it’s popular

and do do a schnitzel in Vienna - they are excellent


My wife got several perfect shots the night we went out for a boat cruise, probably my favourite Budapest photos and she reminds me constantly about he me photography skills :rofl:


You’ve posted those Budapest shots before Ace. Reminded me how brilliant they are… It’s a fantastic city!


It is a very special place at night


Agree on schnitzel in Vienna, first time I’ve ever had a schnitzel that didn’t need any condiment for additional taste… it’s really something special.


Anybody have any tips for sicily in September? Back home grand final morning just in case woosha makes magic happen.


It can be very hot, I was there in an early September and it was over 40 for about 5 days in a row, but dry heat and ok in the shade.

Fantastic place, great food, lovely people, not a great deal of English spoken but the locals try really hard to understand us barbarians.

It is a bit less that half the size of Tassie and has 5 million people, most living on the sea side in Palermo or the coast from Catania to Syracuse. Lovely place most of the year, but take a sunhat and sunscreeen


Or go up into the mountains to a lovely little village like Erice where the streets are paved with marble.


Stay on the east side. Go to the volcano, also a nice garden there. We stayed in taormina, great little town with excellent food.
Make sure you hire a car


Thanks for the tips guys!


Going to Auschwitz tomorrow. I reckon I might add to the final number if I get a seppo on our tour.


It is a somber place and I found no-one really talks that much.

In reflection, although it shocked and depressed me, it was worth the effort to see and feel what humans actually do to each other.

Take care and look after yourself.


Yeah it’s not good. Out of the 3 camps we have been too it was probably the one I felt uneasy in the most. Quite sickening really.


When we were in Europe recently we went to Terezín in Czech Republic which was a Nazi Camp and Prison. It is actually a walled Town and it could be a really beautiful place. I swear I could hear the ghosts and the place has a feel like watching a horror movie. There is a school building where all the children were housed and it is now a Museum with the drawings from the kids during their time in this place. While it was just frightful, I could not stop looking at all the drawings and seeing them through the children’s eyes. There was also large cemetery and a massive cremation house which was “automated” to bodies in and ashes out of the place quickly.

I cannot understand how anyone could actually live there now.


That was my reaction also…I’d previously been to Mauthausen and Dachau but after seeing Auschwitz, I doubt that I will ever go to another one of those places.