Travel Thread

I remember it very fondly.

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It’s delicious when you’re at the shrine in winter, I always line up for some.

Next time I’m in the supermarket I’ll take a look if it’s just a regular thing you can buy in the sake section. Pretty sure it is.

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Kogi and Co ( Footscray) does a local brew and sells starter kits. You might be able to get them at Asian grocery stores here.

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No results on Google?

I have enough trouble tracking down Japanese roasted eel. Last lot I bought was made in China.

I have a holiday trip planned to Australia on Dec 2. Realized last week that I haven’t applied for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) yet, so applied and wasn’t expecting any issues since my previous holidays to Australia has always had instant approval for the ETA.

For some reason, this time it wasn’t approved immediately and I got an email that I needed to submit additional documentation online (e.g. passport page, proof of funds, proof of temporary stay in Australia). So, did that on Nov 2 last week and to date still no approval yet.

I’m starting to get stressed about it, I’m tempted to try calling up the immigration help centre. Or should I just wait a while more?

You could try the local Australian consulate to check if there are delays.

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Good news, ETAs got approved today. All set for the trip now!
Just need to get round to packing soon.


Peru dropped proof of vax as an entry requirement on the 19th. Fly there in two weeks time so that’s one less hassle.


Sitting in MEL airport. Airport Management trying to do their bit for global warming by not paying for A/C.

QC First lounge looks like it is hosting meetings of both Jeff Kennett Lookalike Society and Australia’s Worst Bodies.

And Qantas has delayed our flight yet again. Probably too busy focussing on how to pay Alan Joyce another few million $$$ bonus than engaging flight staff.

What flight you on?
QF454 to SYD and you are in the QF Dom business lounge?

Partner and I are doing our First Euopenan trip this year. Flying out Boxing Day and doing a couple of weeks in England before a few days in each of Paris, Rome & Milan.

First time either of us has done a Europe let alone in winter so any tips and tricks would be much appreciated.

Not Snydey. Just trying to get back across the nullarbor. Will send PM.

Get a hire car in the UK would be my number one tip.
For Paris and Rome in particular I recommend getting accommodation near a PT station. Both have excellent services and you can pick your stations to get off and explore.


Yes, it will be cold.

Only QF470 and 486 showing MEL-SYD?

QF454 is the 1500 MEL-SYD, looks like it was canned today.
Any decent food at the Spice Bar today?

Chicken Terayaki with sesame was excellent. Did not try Tofu alternative. Chef’s helper not too adept on picking up Nori with the forceps.

Hope you are not going to ask next about what number Prismall was wearing.

Was just asking as I’ve heard reports of the Spice Bar offerings being pretty average in the last few weeks. I will be in there on Thursday arvo at this stage and it’s been a couple of months so was looking forward to seeing what the offerings were

Yes, not quite as good as previous. But also they opened up the lounge to SBG and QC.

Mrs AT said I probably scared you off with saying that QF was hosting Australia’s Worst Bodies here…!

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