Travel Thread

In my current condition I should fit in well then :rofl:

It was either that or the Jeff Kennett Impersonators…!

As I earlier suspected, your flight was delayed due to the inbound flight from Queenstown being late. Departed Queenstown 2hrs late and made up about 40 minutes but any delay on a International flight is bad

Thanks but advice received about 2 hours too late.

Now over Great Australian Bight, sea very calm, and heading towards a marvellous WA sunset.

Made it into Australia this morning, arriving in Adelaide. Long wait for immigration as a visitor queue but no issues when it was my turn. The lady didn’t need to ask any probing questions, unlike some others around me.

The one question that was asked of everybody in the queue was whether we have been to Indonesia in the last 7 days.

@Aceman any ideas why? Is there some disease alert for Indonesia?

Foot and mouth

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Lovely warm weather in Adelaide this weekend and not humid like Singapore so very little sweating, nice!

Rest of the week is looking a bit cold though, brrr.

Update: the last hour or so of flying dominated by clouds below; these will be heading to you Eastern staters in the next day or two. Enjoy the vitamin D enhancing weather while you can.

Will be mid 30’s tomorrow and then mid 20’s the rest of the week which is just great.

Welcome :slight_smile:

It’s going to be amazing for the cricket.

Yup, it’s nice to be able to travel again to visit my brother in Adelaide. Last time me and the family were here was 6 years ago.

We had originally booked our trip to Adelaide for June 2020, was all set to watch some footy while here. But then Covid struck and only finally able to make that trip happen.


That’s so exciting for you!!!

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In Milan, go to the cathedral. You can walk on the roof, if you go near sunset,
you can get some nice pics, and there are less visitors around.

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Have just spent a great week and a bit in SA. Went to the Superbikes at The Bend & lucky enough to chat to Jack Miller (great bloke), then on to Kangaroo Island ( via Victor Harbour)where we got up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, seals, birds and some spectacular coastal scenery. On to the beautiful Fleurieu coast (checked out Willunga Hill!) and McLarenVale region before a final day in Adelaide firstly viewed from Mt Lofty followed by a wander through the Botanical Gardens in lovely sunny weather. Qantas lounge busy but enjoyable.
Back in Qld - cold/cool and wet (not complaining!)


In Paris go to Printemps (department store) the view from the rooftop bar is spectacular. Also the dome over the bistro is stunning.

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How do you plan to get to Paris? Eurostar would be my suggestion. As would train travel b/w those other cities.

Rome should not be too cold. It’s often mid teens during winter. Milan on the other hand will almost certainly be chilly.

Agreed with the above- if there is a train that takes you from capital city to capital city in Europe, and your hotel is in the capital city, just go by train. So simple and easy to get around that way. Legit just walk onto the train and bobs youre uncle. Some pretty decent scenery as you traverse as well.


+1 for the train if you can do it.

That said you need to be a hawk at pretty much every major train station in europe. They are absolutely the epicentre of pickpockets and petty crime.

The police / military at these places will do absolutely nothing to stop petty crime. It’s so rampant they’ve just given up.

Yeah thats a fair call. I wasnt pickpocketed or didnt have anything stolen, but there are a fair bit of homelessness/ drug affected around the major train stations and some undesirables to come into the stations themselves. Stick with travellers and keep your possessions close would be my tip.