Travel Thread

Incidently getting out on the water is what every aussie should try and do in Sydney. The harbour is magic.

coincidentally, the next suburb over is Ipanema!


You’re the type of guy that would rate my Rio playlist quite highly I reckon.

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And it not only has girls from there, but it a much nicer beach.


This might sound a bit naff for all you globe trotters.

But for a humble holiday is Canberra Floriade worth the trip? (I am guessing it must be on soon being Spring?)

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I’ve just been in Canberra and Floriade is on now.

I went along to see it…didn’t find it that impressive to be honest.

I did hear that the night sessions are better.

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Wallaroo, SA. On the ferry to Lucky Bay.


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Got to see both Mount Panorama and The Dish today.


Choppy today?
Last time I used it the car got covered in a layer of salt

I considered quite choppy but was told it’s a very good day😂

When it gets choppy the waves come over the side and the spray covers all the vehicles

It was pretty good then. I really like Wallaroo too, in Port Lincoln tonight, bit dodgy but the van park is nice, about to hit the Grt Northern hotel for a feed.

You could alway ducks over the road and give Goodwin and Ricciuto some money at their pub :rofl:

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Just living next to an active volcano :volcano:


Ceduna sunset


Are you heading to Streaky Bay?

If so, there are a few nice little drives in the area…Cape Bauer Loop and Westall Way Loop.
Both are gravel roads but take you to some beautiful scenic coastline.

Nah heading west to WA, stopped at Streaky for lunch yesterday. Across to Eucla today, we might free camp at bunda cliffs tonight weather permitting.

I went through there about 5 weeks ago.

Head of The Bight was worth stopping at…great view of the cliffs and at least 8-10 whales frolicking about 4-500 metres from shore.

Also, I missed the Bunda Cliffs as I didn’t see a sign as I went through the area (going West to East).