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China Airlines?
It’s not common for any carrier and I’d complain as that’s not on.

Yeah, the China Airlines leg.

Mind you, I’m not thrilled about Qantas’ communication either.

I got an email this morning (day of flight) to say “please ignore the changed flight details sent y/day - your flight has gone back to its original time”.

Only problem being… I was never sent an earlier email.

Yep, my flight home from Sydney tonight has been changed from 7:30 PM to 7:30 PM !

Been in Ajman and I think we were the only non Russian speaking people at the resort. Absolute stack of them here and I can’t speak Russian very well but can make out a bit of what they are saying. Up to 25 daily direct flights each way between Russia and the UAE and of course plenty go via third countries also.
Ramadan so most things are shut during the day but the resort has alcohol all day.
Took the all inclusive food and booze package so enjoyed that.
As Accor Diamonds we scored free Suite upgrade with balcony


Spent today visiting The Colossi of Memnon, Hatshepsut’s Temple and The Valley of The Kings.
Hatshepsut’s Temple just blew me away…a very impressive structure in phenomenal setting.

Tutenkhamun in his tomb in The Valley of The Kings

Hatshepsut’s Temple

Colossi of Memnon


You should* celebrate with one of these.


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Didn’t see that one so had a few of these instead


The non-15% definitely tastes better!

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What is Egypt like during Ramadan these days?. Been a while since I’ve visited and found they were one of the strictest at the time. Seems like many have loosened up though in recent times apart from the real hardline ones

Isn’t the “hill” where the temple complex now stands artificial?

I went to Abu Simbel in 2016 and saw another tourist wearing an Essendon polo shirt!

I have felt zero impact as a result of Ramadan.

Restaurants have been open during the day (not all but I’ve not had a problem finding somewhere to eat), the people have all been very friendly and welcoming.

Some sites/museums have closed a bit earlier than usual, but again, this has not affected me in any way.

The pic I posted explains what they did and how they built domes over the temples to protect them…and then covered the domes with sand to give a more realistic look.

4 nights in Doha, couldn’t choose between the newly opened Fairmont and Raffles which are located in the same building so ended up choosing 2 nights at both. Fairmont has been great with the Fairmont Gold suite having good views. The room and hotel has plenty of bling but as we got here with Ramadan still on alcohol can only be consumed in room. Doha is like a bit of a ghost town during the day with most shops closed and no one out and about but Eid starts tonight to signify the end of Ramadan so heading into the Souk a bit later


My daughter flies to Amsterdam on Wednesday and Mrs Rabbit and I travel to Athens in 3 weeks, both on Qatar via Doha. I thought I read here somewhere they go close to Iran, but wish to confirm.

  • Where do I confirm which countries Qatar travels through to get to both these places?

I wish to ask them if they have altered their course to a more safer route.

Qatar’s routes to most of Europe follows pretty similar paths. They fly NW through Kuwait and Iraq and then over most of Türkiye. They get close to Iran in parts.
To/from Australia to Doha it’s nearly always over Abu Dhabi and Oman and then out over the Maldives or close to India

According to this;

  • Qatar fly over Iraq and Syria to get to Athens and Amsterdam.
  • Qatar fly over Iran if you are heading to a Nordic country

I don’t think that’s actual flight paths…

Where do I find the actual flights paths?

That’s just a rough route map and not a real indicator of actual route. Qatar use the Iran/Iraq corridor as they are still blockaded by some countries. They skirt along the border but remain in Iraq before heading over Türkiye and into Europe.


They can change fail according to conditions but generally stick to a rough route. Most of the flight tracking apps will show the routes.
For example this is the most recent DOH-ATH and DOH-AMS flights.
For AMS they have re-routed to avoid the corridor and are now flying over Cairo

For ATH they are still using the corridor as of Saturday

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