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I am in Beijing now.

Have not been here since 1973, it has changed a bit. Still has worse coffee than Texas but is much cleaner.

Where is a good place for a cold beer?


Goose and Duck Pub, Beijing

Address: Yaojiayuan Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China


Anyone been to Argentina - if so, any comments/advice?


Don't cry for me!
Do you like tango?
Do you like beef?
There's an extremely wide of the widest in the world.
They speak Spanish, but 50% of Argentinians have Italian blood, like the Pope and Lionel Messi.
Everyone famous is buried in a single cemetery, whose name I don't recollect...hang on...Recoleta
If you're a vegetarian or vegan, go somewhere else !
And no, I haven't been, but hope to do South America in the next 2 or 3 years.
Reputed to be the most European city in the Americas, like Melbourne is said to be the most European city in Australia.
Brush up on your German if you go to places like Bariloche in the Patagonian Andes.
Eat lots of Cornish pasties, but tastier.


Isn't it Spanish on the west coast of Sth America, Portuguese on the east coast?


Nah. Portuguese in Brazil only.
Been to Ecuador, Peru & Chile, but not Argentina.

Whenever I've considered Argentina I'm always struck by the distances you would need to travel to cover the highlights & the different climatic zones / travel seasons. A bit like Australia.


Not sure what they speak in Suriname...Dutch?
Guyana is English
French Guiana obviously French
Brazil Portuguese
The rest are Spanish all the way up to Mexico
With the probable exception of Belize which is probably English

Indigenous languages like Quechua, Mayan in various countries as well...whether they're official or not


English in Belize for sure (it used to be called British Honduras). We heard a lot of Zapotec & Mixtec around Oaxaca earlier in the year. Apparently there are roughly half a million native speakers of each.


We spent about 3 weeks there in January this year through BA, Iguazu Falls & Mendoza. Wanted to do a bunch more (Bariloche & Patagonian region), but ran out of time.

It's a great place. The people are really friendly everywhere (even in BA, despite their reputation as being unfriendly) particularly if you attempt some Spanish, the food is great almost everywhere, and there's lots to do. It's an expansive country with a lot of diversity and generally long distances between key points of interest so you'll have to pick your spots.

General comments:

  • BA is a world-class city, we loved it and spent 10 days there (in an AirBnB in Palermo) - museums, restaurants, parks etc.
  • Iguazu Falls is pretty spectacular, it's worth the trip up there. Better on the Arg rather than Brazilian side.
  • Mendoza is the winery region, definitely worth a trip for a lazy few days in and around wineries.
  • Your steak will likely arrive medium-well or well done if you don't specify "jugoso/a" ('juicy'), so be sure to mention that to the waiter. Don't get angry if the bill doesn't arrive at the table shortly after you ask - Argentinians like to loiter at tables post eating so it's customary.


Didn't really go to a lot of bars but found the beer to be fairly warm at most place. A few great little restaurants around our hotel were selling Yanjing 500ml bottles for 12-15 yuan and they were ice cold so I'd often pop by and grab a couple.
Agree about their coffee being the worst, was utterly horrid. Funnily enough the best one I had was on our final day there at KFC in the Beijing South Railway station. My hotel in Shanghai has a coffee machine that provides decent enough stuff luckily


Seriously. If you're in China you best be drinking tea.

I went there for work, and was the only Caucasian at all of the meetings. Strangely they offered me coffee while the others drank tea. They came back 10 minutes later "only tea" yep no worries mate "white with one" they came back 10 minutes later again. "Only black, no sugar" once the penny dropped it was great to try a bunch of different tea varieties that you just won't find in Oz.


I love tea, especially Jasmine tea and some of the fruit teas in China but I like to start the day with a stiff coffee. Drinking a fair bit of the Purea Tea on the travels so far


The main stuff I found in China was the Nescafé sachet of coffee/whitener/sugar. Actually didn't mind as a Big M type coffee, but yeah a nice real coffee, never saw one.


Heaps of Starbucks but their coffee was worse than the stuff I got from Maccas. Almost impossible to find decent stuff.


Went to this place last night

I am very shabby today. Drank some beer and in to a toasting with new Chinese friends I made. Was drinking rocket fuel I think.

I am far too old for this


gan bei!


Shanghai Disneyland yesterday and after that needed a few stiff drinks to complete the day. Plenty of good quality bars to be found but im feeling it today.


The Argentine's love a good statue of a man on a horse, don't know who they all are, but they are everywhere.

And definitely much, much friendlier if you make the effort and try a few words in Spanish. We saw the contrast side by side a lot of times. But I suppose most places are like that.


Purea tea is a good cleansing tea. Good after you'd had fatty or greasy meals.


Sounds like ■■■■