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I agree, upstate New York is great and beautiful in Fall. Not far to Niagara as well.


Niagara ain’t even the tallest falls in upstate New York.

Ithaca FTW.


If you do Tokyo Disney get the express pass, not a huge amount of rides for adults and the lines are long. Also when booking the hotel, double check to see if the cost includes tickets to the park


Think it also goes to Tokyo’s other airport which is over an hour away from Tokyo city, would probably cost around 15000¥ in taxi


There’s plenty I’d like to see and do in Japan but I’d be conflicted by that. If I were in Tokyo, Osaka etc it’d end up being a full on two week vinyl vacation binge. Bring minimal clothes, ample room paying for extra luggage spend all my life savings on vinyl. A complete waste of a holiday but a trip to vinyl digging, record collecting mecca and not enough time to do the things one should normally do on a holiday. I would return seriously broke and not care about it too.


That’s right, it goes into Narita, the main airport which is a fair way out. Haneda is easier to access the city from, but being mostly domestic I’m not sure which airlines fly there from Australia. I’m always going in and out of Kansai.


The best way is to take the NEX train which is a reasonably fast and very comfortable train at about 150 km/h. Taxi could cost you a lot more and take much longer if there’s busy traffic.


No direct flights from Melbourne to Haneda. Only flights via Sydney. It is significantly closer to the city (i.e. affordable to cab whereas at Narita you are 1.5 hours from the city by train). However, if you’re coming from Melbourne you need to weigh this against stopping (and changing terminals) in Sydney. I fly through Haneda wherever possible. Aside from its proximity to the city, it is also a ripping airport - Narita is a hole.


Not sure you are correct here DJ

Niagara is certainly the largest and while height reports vary it is stated to be 176 feet with Itica 150 ft

There are lots of waterfalls in New York State


Language barrier was hard, but as the train we left it on was still travelling and we had carriage and seat numbers, they phoned through, located it and then put it on a train back to Bologna, finding it when it arrived was another story, I think we did circle work at the station for an hour, being told to go here, go there, no go back there again!! Again words getting lost in translation :grinning:


Good grief, that would have very traumatic, both incidents


I didn’t say it was necessarily the most impressive, though it is a very pleasant stroll up the gorge to it.

(May be biased, lived in Ithaca for five years as a kid.)


Hold the phones DJ, Taughannock Falls and Ithaca Falls are two different places


That’s pretty amazing BM. I suppose on those trains (intercity or freccia) most people tend to have tickets and are fellow travellers, so better that it was left there than on a metro system!


The real question is which of the two hosted my avatar picture?

(The sister in the background is a notably less talented actor than myself.)


Yeah but full of tourists and I think the hotels ruin the experience.

Up state New York is just a hidden gem (going to explore another new place today and more walks)

Really easy to access via train and car.

Also if you are looking to hire cars here go a Hertz (especially after you find online coupons) over the fancy Zipcar. Cheaper if you’ve are looking to drive for a day or longer


Or better than someone trying to pick a fight with you on the escalators while his partner comes up behind rips open your backpack to grab ■■■■ and run, as per my experience in Rome’s major train station.


Air China doing Melbourne to Shanghai return in Feb for $333. They are pretty good to fly with so now I just have to convince my wife to go back again so soon


I was at Termini two days ago. I swear at one point I walked past an area being used as toilets by hobos. This is despite the fact there are toilets in the station. It’s dodgy as, alas as is much of western Europe. Rellos in Milan even have a hobo who lives out the front of there building and ■■■■■■ on the walls, and Milan is seemingly a bit more “orderly” than Rome.


You just reminded me of when I went into a toilet in a big station area in Vienna, and firstly saw some hobo lying on the floor like he was dead, then looked across and saw two dudes next to each other at the urinal leaning and looking at each other a little too closely. I thought I was in a Gaspar Noe film or something and turned and hightailed it out of there. Vienna isn’t even bad, I had to keep my wits about me as a backpacker in parts of Rome. I tend to wander obliviously into seedy areas haha.