Tribunal/MRO 2023 & 2024 - Choose your own adventure continues

Couldn’t see a thread for this season.

McAdam sent to the tribunal for his hit on the weekend. What’s the difference between that and Pickett?

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Careless whisper? Sounds more like a sax crime than reportable.

LAV fined for a trip, too.

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He’s been offered 1 more week than Pickett :innocent:

More notably, Franklin actually got suspended!

Because of his “good” history, just the one week though.

Not surprising. Guilty, as charged.

McAdam was a classic shirtfront. Pickett was a fair-dinkum feet-off-the-ground charge…miles more dangerous.


You reckon?
Shoulder into his face in an upward forceful motion?

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Both brutal hits, but purely based on intent to harm, McAdam stiff compared to Pickett. That was the worst bump I’ve seen a long time.


Agree McAdam showed less intent to kill. But the AwFuL have rarely cared about intent.


One week for Buddy a joke. He’s got form with that type of hit.


That mcadam shot would’ve made it on to a bumps, biffs and brawler vhs back in the day.


Yeah, but he didn’t get charged/found guilty the other 13 times. So he has a good record :crazy_face:


Thread should be renamed to The Trent Cotchin MRO Thread.

Prick gets away with anything on the field.


That mcadam bump was a ripper, i didn’t think the guy went off concussed and was there even head contact? Hopefully all the whingers in the media don’t make the AFL ban even trying to attempt a bump, but the AFL tend to fold to idiots like ■■■■ and robbo.


I agree. I think the only head contact was because Wehr folded around him. To me looks like he hit him across the chest and Wehr head comes forward to essentially head butt him.

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But AFL choose to go on the actual damage rather than severity of the act.
Guy MCAdam hit went off for concussion testing, Guy Pickett hit bounced back up (actually had a chance to protect himself a little as well).

Buddy layed a guy out to clear his way to the ball and head hit, just as bad as the others, They all probably deserved 2 weeks minimum.

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Is leaving the ground intended to show intent or severity?
Because (body types aside) surely there’s more power in a shoulder to the head with feet firmly planted (although still with momentum) than someone in mid air?
I am confuzzled.

Edit: cf: Lloyd-Sewell, Hird-Abraham.

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what do we think of the Sin Bin suggestion - e.g Buddy / Pickett sent to Sin bin for 10 minutes, in addition to MRP penalties

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Fine in theory until there is a line ball decision and it ends up deciding the outcome of the game because one team was down a man.

No sin bin for me.


The Pickett launch off both feet would have been on the cover of the VHS. 2 weeks given the current environment with class actions is a joke. McAdam can feel very hard done by that his “classification” is worse.