Tribunal/MRO 2023 & 2024 - Choose your own adventure continues

Both were equally bad, IMO, Pickett was very lucky.


Propelling yourself off the ground can only logically lead to a head knock. It’s terrible he only got two weeks regardless of Smith’s fortune to carry on.


If the tribunal and MRO were consistent on how these acts were punished, and that punishment was intentionally made to be very strong (e.g., an absolute minimum of two-weeks for any bump which results in head contact irrespective of outcome), this would take care of itself.

remember Shiel’s bump in 2020 he got 2 weeks going for the ball. and a clash of heads
Shiel appeal fails: Star Don to serve full ban for high bump (


I’m in favour of more game-day consequences for deliberate illegal acts that take out an opposition player. I don’t like the current state of affairs that means the game day penalty is at most a free kick\50m penalty, and the real penalty of the infringer being unavailable for selection actually benefits whoever is playing against the infringer’s team the following week. Of course the MRO system is such a mess that almost any change would be considered a positive.

That said, it would be difficult to implement fairly. Umpires have enough trouble interpreting things anyway, and there’s the question of basing decisions on (perceived) intention\ (context-sensitive) action\ (luck based) result, and if players already play for free kicks and 50m penalties, imagine how much more embarrassing it will be if players know that if they flop about well enough they can have an oppo player sent off. With the pressure on clubs to win at any cost, it could also result in players deliberately putting themselves in more dangerous situations, which could be bad for their long-term health.

That said, a sin-bin for umpire abuse could remove that from the game overnight.

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I just don’t trust AFL umpires with that power. It’s a hard no from me.


Just get rid of the bump.

Seriously, McAdam didn’t leave the ground, he went in low and the opposition player had the ball. There is nothing reportable about that bump.

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His shoulder hit Wehrs head…

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Only if the victim is actively running into that brick wall. In most cases if you are bracing for contact by planting yourself the speed of the collision will be less.

It was a to the chest and slipped up. The fact is that he did everything he could to not hit his head.

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Just get rid of it.

Yeah sure another interpretation to put up with from the umps but there is no consistency from the MRO and no deterrent for the playing group.

No doubt I’ll get lumped into the “soft” category but given what we know about lasting impacts of concussion and head trauma, why take the risk.

If you can bump, you can tackle.

I was watching the match on Kayo when the McAdam “bump” occurred.

I immediately thought he’d get 4+ weeks

It was just grubby. He saw a player open, and tried to hurt him. It wasn’t in the side. It was just front-on to hurt.

Seems players like Pickett and McAdam don’t watch any news at all. Don’t realise that the game is under threat by the lawyers.

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It doesn’t matter that it “slipped up”. A high it is a high hit, you’re in strife and you choose to bump and hit someone in the head, no matter of your best intentions.
The rules haven’t just changed, it’s been this way for years.


He should’ve got 4. No question for me

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It makes no difference if it slipped up, he hit him in the head. He did not do everything he could do to avoid hitting his head, he could have got lower or he could have just tackled instead. Picketts is the same imo, both should miss 4 weeks.


If the rule is based on the outcome rather than the action, then it’s a stupid rule.

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Why is the bump still allowed?

It’s clear that the bump is only used to hurt the opposition, so why allow it?

I have no issue with the bump and no issue with hurting the opposition, but you cant hit someone in the head.


The action by both players was deliberate, forceful and careless and they both hit the opponent in the head. The outcome doesn’t matter at all.

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I hate the idea of a sin bin. Most umpires can’t even get the basic decisions correct, no way should they be judging if they should send someone off- and I would hate for something like VAR to come in to decide it

Plus it will lead to players feigning being hurt or injured in order to get guys sent off