Tribunal/MRO 2023 & 2024 - Choose your own adventure continues

Baker still suspended for 1 match

So if Melican doesn’t play this week due to some kind of delayed concussion , which is a real thing, what happens then?

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He did. The AFL however wanted 4 weeks so the tribunal would have only given him 4 I reckon even if we pleased Not Guilty (which we 100% should have done IMO).

It’s possible we don’t have the best minds in the business

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I just saw the Baker footage. How on earth does Wright cop 400% of the punishment for what is arguably a less-intended action. This country’s f&@$ckd!


Wright concussed his opponent.

I still don’t buy this.

It was a crock of ■■■■.

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It was more hoping that pleading guilty and showing contrition may see a lesser penalty.

His opponent concussed himself.

And that’s the entire problem with this system. Wright pays for some pelican’s reckless self endangerment.


Yep, you put your head under a train and theres a definitive outcome, so no fault of Thomas. You run back with flight of ball and guess what, you might hit Thomas too, and still not Thomas’s fault when the 2 entities occupy the same space. The fat controller sending Thomas to the yard to be turned into a generator for this action is simply ridiculous but no longer surprising.

I notice Ginnivan has escaped MRO scrutiny for this forearm to O’Connor’s face after O’Connor spoiled Ginnivan’s marking attempt (2:07 to go in the last quarter.)

The AFL’s best legal minds determined that there was no way to book him.


I think they didn’t like the optics of admitting they missed free kicks he should have been paid and then have MRO charge him.


Two wrongs make a… third wrong?


Maybe O’Connor should have retaliated and then it would have made some news. Divvyvan needs a smack to the chops.

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pickett 1 week

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Geez pretty rough on 2MP when a clearly malicious act gets a quarter of his suspension.

Can’t wait for an Essendon player to do the same thing and get 6 weeks, with the media unanimously calling for their blood.

That’s has to be two weeks. He’s elbowed a guy in the melon ffs.