Tribunal/MRP - from 2021 - head-butting of fists is allowed

I know we don’t advocate violence on this site so I’ll just say Danger’s smug head annoys me.


I don’t really dislike him, and I get that it was an accident, but the lack of contrition really rubs me up the wrong way.
This guy…he’s not my kinda guy.


FMD. They actually rubbed him out. Never thought I would see the day. Bizzaro world.


I’m very surprised he got 3.

I mean, I hate the kent and I wouldn’t have given him 3


Revenge for the player pay dispute.

Sucked in flog


I think he got off lightly.


I don’t doubt the head clash was an accident but he 100% was trying to lay a devastating bump with intent to hurt the guy. Danger had just been embarrassed and run down in the middle of the ground, his blood was up and he was trying to make amends.

With concussion the issue that it is he had to be hit hard by the tribunal


A bloke on SEN just pointed out that Danger got caught holding the ball about 30 seconds earlier and that he was angry and therefore the comment that he had to brace to protect himself was a bit rich.


I thought thread title was about Cox.

edit: scrap that - just saw in Cox thread he got a fine.

carry on

Why do you think everything is about Cox?


Coz Cox Rox

Danger was lucky to only get 3 weeks. Chose to bump, knocked a bloke out and prevented him from playing for at least the next 12 days (hopefully nothing worse). That’s seriously dangerous. I always wonder if the roles were reversed, would Kelly only get 3 weeks?

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Would Merrett? I didn’t realise the damage was so bad. If it’s a scale it makes shiel’s two weeks last year seem pretty harsh

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That’s an excellent point. I just don’t understand how Danger’s bump was only worth one more week than Shiel’s (whose opponent/victim?/bumpee? played out the game no prob).

Geelong discount


Yeah I don’t like Dangershank either. Good to see he got rubbed out

Re the scale, Ben Long got 3 weeks (Careless, High contact, Severe Impact) last year when he hit Sean Darcy, but Darcy played the following week. Now we have Dangerfield’s incident, which was also classed as Careless, High Contact, Severe Impact, but instead of Kelly playing next week like Darcy was, Kelly got a broken nose, still had concussion symptoms 60 hours later, and will miss 3 training sessions + next week (even without the AFL’s new guidelines stipulating 12 days before return to play…) and Dangerfield still got 3 weeks.

Edit: Also, IMO it was ridiculous of Dangerfield’s Lawyer to go to Siri for definitions. Surely the legal profession and the AFL have their own definitions of the terms they’re using, that Siri (which is essentially being used as a dictionary, which gives common-use definitions, as opposed to niche industry definitions) will almost certainly not line up with.

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Now we await the complaining from the Geelong supporters in the media


Jesus farking christ. Neck up you absolute parrot


Sounds like Danger has seen some tough times in his life lol??!?!?!

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