Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher



There is no coincidence that we all called these 2 out before the game and during the week.

We got absolutely raped in that first quarter with frees. WTF was Goddards 50 for?!?!?

This better not cost us this game.


Apparently the 50 was against Tippa. If that was paid consistently every time, there would be 30 a game. Joke!


Absolutely disgraceful


Still can’t work out if they are cheats or just really really ■■■■ at their job


Pannell seriously hates Essendon

Fisher is just terrible.


We are facing an up hill battle. It’s north Melbourne so they always get charity. Then Parnell on top of it.


I’d love to flog the living sh*t outta pannell


I’m 100% convinced this is rigged


They will get what’s coming to them. Hopefully their cars run off a bridge on the way home


Something has to be done


Seriously bad umpiring. Every time we started to get on top the free kicks started up. We are getting slaughtered by these umps. I want Essendon to do what every other club does and complain in the media about the treatment it gets.


Farking diabolical umpiring today.

No other way to describe it.


We need to actually make some real noise about this moving forward, start a petition or write some letters into the club and AFL to demand these two don’t umpire our games.

There is no coincidence we called it out before the game and now look at what is happening.




Ban Parnell from our games.
F*cking cheat.


They’re fkn slaughtering us. But, if we actually managed to hit a target once in a while it wouldn’t be an issue.


Absolute disgrace today, should have been booed off!


Umpiring can not be this bad just from bad luck or the “rub of the green”.

Flat out cheating.




Sh!ts me to tears