Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Pannell is blatant and obvious cheating.

But he down for years with no retribution from AFL so he does fit in nicely at AFL


What I would give to be in a room with him for 5min


Petition for Pannell. We need this.
Should never be allowed to umpire a game of bush football again let alone an afl game. Genuinely has a hatred of efc.
F ucking hate the ■■■■


I’d be banned forever if I truly said what I would wish would happen to panell

God give me strength if I ever saw him in public


Reckon that’s about four more you’d need.


Pannell was not the worst tonight. Number 22 was awful and responsible for some shockers. So was number 7. I would say tonight was an all in fix, whenever we got a run on they would pull something out of the air.

What I dont understand is why interstate teams get such a good run in Melbourne, yet Melbourne teams get rolled when playing in Adelaide, Perth or Sydney. It is not like the Melbourne crowds are not loud enough to influence the umpires.


I am fully convinced now that certain games are fixed, or at the very least a required result is encouraged. Its almost at the point where its hardly worth watching anymore. With all the corrupt stuff we know for absolute certain that goes within the AFL, is it really that hard to believe?


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Pannell paid the “dangerous tackle” in the last quarter to erase the Tippa goal, but who paid the mark to Adelaide in the first quarter when I could see from the top deck that Gleeson touched it when going for the spoil (confirmed by the replay on the big screen)? The subsequent kick was a goal that should not have existed.


Don’t understand why goals get video reviews and clearly touched marks like that are let go. Someone upstairs should be in touch with the umpires and call a bounce


Well, except for at least the last two weeks against us, especially last week when FCFC players made hopeless attempts at species, infringing us, but of course never paid.

Of course if JD does that, free kick against him every time.


Until the Club speaks out publicly against these two named umpires — until they tell Vlad’s former bumboy to go and get screwed, and to stick his fines up his erse — this situation will never be resolved. But no one, Chief Executive, Chairman or Board member, has the guts or the will to stand up against the AFL bosses, as we learnt during the Saga.

That’s it.


Didn’t notice Penile too much tonight, but my goodness who the fark is no. 7??? He was reaming us all ■■■■■■ night!!!


that 22 one? blonde prick, was 1000000x worse than panell


Williamson and Dalgeish are those 2 ■■■■■■


The illegal disposal while being tripped paid against JD nearly cost me a tv. That was Pannell


I counted prob 3 goals that we missed or conceded because of the maggots. Hurts more when you lose.

For me that first missed spoil by Gleeson started and ended the night. There was just pure incompetence at one end of the field.

I think 22 just stamped his papers at AFL headquarters. Wouldn’t be suprised if he ended up doing VFL for a few weeks.


lol, no they will give him a pay rise, and a pat on the back.


I’d be more surprised if he doesn’t get a pay rise and a grand final gig


Exactly. He followed the script to perfection