Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


I don’t think his head hit the ground, sure it whips back but Im unsure it hits the ground


Unless he is inside 50 and his opponent tries to cut his arm of at the elbow in a marking contest


Watch the little things Kelly does. When he gives away a free he always hooks up his opponent by ensuring he is slow to get up or even ripping the ball off them and getting up with it before having a chat to the ump to make sure he is giving to the right player. He also knows margins on late body contact and gets away with a lot to slow play down. By contrast Bags often over commits to the spoil and goes to ground


We could have got 100 frees out of ruck contests against Jacobs because he dead set cheats repeatedly.


Anyone seen the movie Longest Yards with Adam Sandler? The part where they have a plan to rocket the ball into the umpires nuts, twice? This is what we should be doing to Pannell.


The difference between a smart footballer and a relatively dumb one really. Unfortunately, we have a low base of footy smarts and IQ across the ground.


There will be 18 circles on the ground and each player and opponent will have to stay their circle. It will be kick from one circle to the next. Mark/Free kick/Ball up after every play.


Lol at Troy Pannell absolutely screwing Adelaide.

I wonder how the AFL will assess this?


Crows won the free kick count 28-14

If any team was getting screwed by umps it wasn’t them.


I watched this game and without knowing the free-kick count, I thought Adelaide was being screwed. And that mark and 50 after the Swans player played on and shaped to hand-pass and was tackled and got 50!!!
FFS whatever happened to “play-on”? Cost Crows the game. Which umpire?


It all makes sense if you view it through the lens of the AFL’s Showpiece Friday Night game protocols.

Swans got the jump early and it looked like being a walkover, so Ump’s started paying Crows heaps of frees to level it up by half time (it took a lot,… clearly)… then, when it was on the line in the last, they started paying dubious frees to the Swans to ensure the rightful winner got over the line.

I’ve seen it happen about a hundred times now I reckon, (and mentioned it here almost as many, I know, … :pensive:)… It happens.


Crows got a absolute arm chair ride all night apart from the final 5-10 minutes


Screw Pannell and Adelaide.


Screw Sydney and Franklin too


Cool it, maggot lover.


I always thought Pannell was a cheat but he’s just a ■■■■ ■■■■.


A lot of money was on the Crows eh? What were the Swans on Thursday 5 to 1 I think Duck said. H’m!!!


Razor ray!


No E Glouftsis?


Yeah where are all the birds? Goal umpires etc