Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Pannell, Fisher and Margetts not selected for the finals. Shame they were considered suitable for most of our games!!


Noticed that as well. Not sure why they couldn’t find at least one position for a lady goal umpire.




Errr because finals selections for umpires are based on how well you did during the year. Stats are kept.

If they didn’t deserve to be there on the stats alone they certainly don’t deserve to be there just because they’re female


That’s not how equality works I’m afraid!


What stats could they keep on the umpires? They do everything right and never make mistakes, according to the official line.

Maybe the stat they get selected on is how many times they stitched up the game to give Gil the “outcome they need”.


No no, it’s based on a microphone at each end of the ground throughout the season. Every time an ump is called a dirty cheating c$%t, they record and tally it. Pannell aced the c$%tometer apparently.*

*If this is not how it works…it should be!


well it definately sounds better than booing stanton


Hasn’t always been the case previously. According to a bloke I used to play cricket with, who is amongst the AFL ranks.


I was an AFL boundary umpire 7-8 years ago and that’s what I’m basing that on.

We had stats taken for everything and goal umpires where the same.

I’m assuming it’s still done this way now


AFL Umpiring Statistics Rounds 1-23

Frees Awarded: 2139
Errors: 0

Well done everyone, keep up the good work.




Going back 10 years and this one was VFL but gives you an idea how batshit crazy the whole system is


But they’re good looking.


Flag waving style lol!




Excellent agility in flag waving with style


The suggestion is it is (or at least was) merit based for almost everyone. How much of that is true can be worked out if anyone’s keen/ sad enough to trawl back on bad goal umpiring misses over the past 5 or so years.


Would that be Omega, by any chance?



Again, this guy umpiring Essendon games baffles me.

45 free kicks against!!!

Selwood 8 frees for.

How many holding the man frees were there? Hopefully not a sign of the season ahead.


I’d love to see pannell in public