Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


The chumpires were more than ok.They did a good job for a R1 game. they let the game go/flow, and were largely unobtrusive, preferring to stay where they belong, in the background. Just where we want them.


It was a complete opposite to the usual way they umpire us, where the 50-50’s definately favoured us, especially early.
With our first goal Stewart nudged his opponent from behind, and with the early whistle thought for sure it was going against us. Outstandingly he was paid the mark.
Stewart’s mark for his second goal. When does Panell ever ask a boundary umpire if a mark was completely. Status Quo for us for that would’ve been throw in, dropped mark.
Was almost like they had a bet on us.


Stewart’s was a mark (the second one) however the one they didn’t pay to the crowd player on the boundary line 5 minutes earlier should have been paid a mark


Get on for the flag. AFL clearly anointed us the chosen ones.


I think the AFL will pencil us in for a “fairy tale flag” only after the last of the E34 have retired -or after Gil and the rest of his corrupt mates are out of the game.


Good news that Mathew Nichols is on the Adel v Richmond game.


Pannell is doing the Cats Hawks game.



Pannell injured his hammy, hope that keeps him out for the next few weeks


EFA… :wink:


Some of the decisions today were deadset awful. Zac nearly getting his neck ripped off in the pocket in the last was just the topper


I heard that he was booked in for a ton of our games this year, so this is VERY good news.


Yes, but the maggots made up for that a couple of minutes later by giving a very dubious free for “high” to a Tarp King for a shot on goal.

As I said in the match day thread, it looked like the maggots were under instructions to defend a point spread, i.e. not let us win by more than 30 points. They would always pull decisions out of their arse) whenever we looked like getting a bigger lead.

I just hope Gil had a big bet that we would win by no more than 21.


The umpiring left a lot to be desired and was very confusing at times on both sides.

A port player would do a tackle and get a free for it we would do a similar thing and be penalised. I gave up trying to figure out which book of umpiring rules they were using or whether they were following any rules at all.


Also it was obvious that Port could get away with throwing the ball whenever there was any pressure.

Just shows that the maggots can do all this and no-one (not even me) gets upset with them because they don’t go to the outrageously egregious decisions as shown by Pannell and his ilk.

They have trained us to accept that we will always get stitched up by them. The trick for them is titrating just how much they can stitch us up.


I didn’t think the umpiring was to bad today, a couple of in the back/s missed for us and the htb against Saad should of been play on.


That number 32 is a ■■■■.

Others were ok, missed a couple of throws and the downfield free kick against bags in the second was bullshit.


Some of the decisions were pretty awful. I think Bagueley got done for a push when just prior to that a Port player clearly used open hands to throw the ball out. David Myers pinged for HTB when he hand balled (was confident it was a legitimate handball could be wrong), then got another fist on it. We copped a baffling cheap free in front of goal late but they copped about 3-4 charity shots.

I don’t think the umpiring upset the flow of the game but there were some pretty disgusting decisions being made by the maggots, with the play right under their noses.


Yep, 1st half of the 2nd QTR we were all over em, umps played several head scratchers to Port whilst managing to ignore several clear fees that should have gone our way…kept Port in it IMO


Saad’s htb was correct, if you get tackled when you bounce, it’s a free kick. Blame KB for it


As with McKenna last year.