Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Was good tonight.

How much better is the game when you can watch with your mates and call out for the frees and the they get paid.

Give us this’s standard abt day if the week please.


The good thing about tonight is that they let the play go and barely paid any cheap ones which always ruins the spectacle of the game.

The real howler was that Hartley touch/goal decision. Wasn’t a goal in a million years.

However, I thought the field umpires were good for a change and didn’t have a say on the outcome for once which was nice.


Nah, there were a few howlers.

The important thing was that I felt they were pretty even, or in our favour.

It’s a nice change.


they let play go.

its helps the game. Very unusual for both Pannell and Chamberlain. Both of them usually over umpire.


We got a few that we normally see go against us. We came out of that pretty well. The goal review was absolutely perplexing though.


I think the Walla having his head decapitated at the top of the square was the only other howler that was missed.


They were ok. Left with voice intact.


The irony out of last night was that it wasn’t Pannell or Ray that were rubbish but the no name ump umpiring with them that was. I think he made most of the worst calls/non-calls of the match.


That would Maggot #10. He is a shortarsed dickwad we had against St Kilda last year.

He should go back to his day job of selling Heralds at Flinders Street. :frowning:


Puts to rest the conspiracy theory I guess.

We are our own worst enemy sometimes with lazy or undisciplined tackling.

I was really pleased how smart we were not to give dumb free kicks away. Except for Joe who needs to be spoken to after some of last nights efforts.

Essington of old would throw away momentum earned through hard work with stupid frees and that used to lose us games.


Pannell was rubbish (as usual). Razor Ray was OK.


Whatever you think!

Not that I give a fat rat’s clacker what you think.

Some people bag out the umpires if they make one mistake when players miss targets, miss easy goals etc.


Absolutely Joe needs to pull his head in and start kicking goals.

Before the game Dermie and Brownie gave a superb display on how to kick straight. Watching that you could see precisely what Joe does wrong. :frowning:

Joe does none of what they were showing. So much talent; too much smiling and being the joker.

Become the best player in the AFL requires a bit up top. Do it Joey…you know you can. :frowning:


Well, to be quite honest, I don’t really give a fat rat’s clacker what you think either, but I wouldn’t normally write it down in here.
I don’t think I wrote anything that required you to give a rude response (unless your real name is Pannell).


This exchange raises a big question: just how many fat rat’s clackers has AN10 been hoarding all these years?


That’s the problem with Chamberlain. He seems to think HE’S the star of the show. Friday night was the first time I can remember not wanting to punch him. Pannell is a POS, but wasn’t too bad the other night.


Umpires where at least not bias one way I didn’t think. Some poor decisions but they went both ways at least. The 2 not payed for us that ■■■■■■ me off the most where Tippa in the last in the goal square. Clearly around the neck and held.

And the other (not sure what quarter) crows player blocked Brown allowing the crows an uncontested mark in the goal square.


The umpires were fine particularly for round 1 when they are often over officiating. Hopefully they continue and only pay the obvious ones and are consistent.


gotta say, the Tippa one i thought he staged for it.

slipped under the guys arm and held it in place.

there was a couple of others where i thought our forwards were playing for frees. Whilst i hate it, i reckon our club has been behind others in playing to the current interpretation.

The one our players havent mastered is trying to break through 4 tackles and then placing it into a team mates hands or dropping it to your team mates advantage.


When Joey is a premiership player.

20 years from now some hard headed Sicily type will let himself down, miss a shot or something and Joey will be the “expert” just saying he needs to relax and enjoy his footy.

It’s all relative and you need to be authentic. When watching Joe expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride.

People saying he needs to harden up etc.just need to learn to have a little fun and weird in their life!!!