Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


Why the fark would you do that to the VFL?


By State I think he meant Islamic State


send him to the QAFL


HEY!! Who cares about umpiring standards, someone in AFL head office did sex with someone else.

That’s an issue.


This. Single-handedly cost us the game! Hated him ever since…


We dont want him up here thanks.
Send him to the USA to umpire one of the developing comps over there where license to carry is still a thing


Was this the game where Sydney received something like 21 free kicks to 3 after quarter time? I remember one umpire had amazingly awarded only Sydney free kicks for the entire game. Pannell perhaps?


I hate Nicholls so much. I have epileptic attack when he starts doing his biased umpiring. Only umpire who came close to this was McBurney.

But this guy Pannell has overtaken him. Fark, I hate him so much.

The worst biased game I have ever seen umpired is when we played the Dogs few seasons ago. Nicholls, Razor Ray and McBurney at one time.


Who was that that got the pies home today. That guy was auditioning for a promotion


We could all just invade the ground, then they wouldn’t be able to arrest everyone. Otherwise I’ll definitely be yelling ■■■■ from some foreign mediterranean land.


Having to listen to Eddie and the other chowderheads laugh off the anger the Essendon crowd was voicing was ■■■■■■■ me off. “Haw haw, Essendon fans are getting into it”

Just because they put their heads in the sand for the AFL’s sake doesn’t mean everyone else will.


I’m not going to call it cheating, or even conscious bias, but there was definitely at least some unconscious bias going on in the first half.

Something was definitely said to them at half time because then we got a bunch of silly ones that evened up the count.

Looking at the free kick count alone is just stupid. It’s the ones that get missed that are the bigger problem.


And it ended up 20-20 ironically.

“Nope, move along, nothing to see here. Umpiring was fine. Look it was even.”


45,000 fans booing to 1 media ■■■■ (Eddie)

I’d go with the majority myself…even eddie should probably question himself with so many more not agreeing with him.


except for the 6 goals from frees…its not the number its the inconsitancy that drives people mad


They’ll be resting him up for our elimination final. You watch.


Ed was happy with Tippa getting his head smashed by that flog Thompson. Spent 2qtrs talking about the Essendon supporters iso calling the footy.



As I said previously, an AFL umpires coach address the umpires of the match at half time. Often (not always) you see the umpires pull their heads in after half-time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were slapped across the knuckles after that first half.

But I won’t be moved in my opinion that Troy Parnell is out to get the Essendon football club. I can’t believe that; 1. He keeps his job as an umpire at the highest level; and 2. He is allowed to umpire games that EFC is playing in.


Note that I haven’t said this week that I didn’t see much of a problem with the umpires. That Tippa non-free, non-mark…the play-on advantage call on Raz…the mystifying free to Dumont followed by the mystifying 50.