Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


And in particular, Pannell’s love-child.


Free kicks: 22-22. Move along, nothing to see here.


Before and after BJ kindly reminded him how ■■■■ of a player he was.


They were ripping Fisher apart on at least two different radio stations during the game, literally yelling on repeat to get him the ■■■■ out of there, it was the only salvation of listening in during work.


Does anyone remember the vision of Pannell giving Jake Stringer a tap on the after he took a mark?

He’s also the ump that paid 17 frees to the dogs and 1 against vs Adelaide last year


I want Fisher out of the job so so fkg badly. As others have said in other threads, the pathway BS himself and Bannister were gifted totally disheartens aspiring young umpires that have been grinding their way through the system all the way from juniors for years.

How do we do this? Petition? Anything?


The first time I noticed Panell was against Sydney about 6 years ago where he orchestrated a Sydney win in the last 5 minutes with a series of creative free kicks. My hatred increased with every biased game he took part in to the point where I won’t watch the footy if he’s umpiring. An absolute ■■■■ stain of a man who I wish never got back up that night at Etihad.


Was seriously unbelievable.


You just know we’ll get one or both of these blokes next week, and of course against the Dogs no less.

The non free to Tippa was one of the worst of all time. Was in front my bay. The umpire was two metered away and he actually saw it, he saw him get clobbered on the head and thought about it and said play on.


Stanton was pushed in the back, buried into the turf right in front of goal with about a minutes left. Goal would have put us in front.


He’s a grub.


My old temper almost surfaced then, and I came close to breaking something…


PAnnell is a bigger Swans fanboi than Diggers


The umpiring is terrible across the league.

Fisher needs to go back to the state leagues for a while.


We will get one of these carnts again next week and the Dogs will get throw the ball around more than the Melbourne Storm


Someone make a video compilation


Can you imagine if the red card is introduced! We’ll have no players left on the ground based on the current standard of umpiring.

Umpires have too much input on results.


I wished for all of last season that Jamar would eventually lose his **** and deck an ump


Is there actually a chance that the same umpire could get the same team two weeks in a row? There should be a rule against that. That would just be too cruel.


On the one hand that sounds like a conspiracy theory, on the other it is not hard to imagine the AFL being run like the Truman Show.

We know that equalisation is a thing which is in reality designed to make the product more interesting for consumption, which means essentially manufacturing the competition.

We also know about the following exchange:

Hobson: “So aren’t we ­concerned with what actually ­happened?’’

Lukin: “No, it won’t help us moving forward.’’

Andrew Demetriou used to reveal in his public statements that he judged his performance on “Media tracking”, as if that was the truth, or at least the only truth that matters.

So do we believe that the AFL has become reality TV? TV where the participants regularly feel defamed by the editing of the show in order to create “good television”. TV land is where it all comes down to money and ratings and everything else is secondary.

This simultaneously seems preposterous and self evident.

Is this why there is a roof on Etihad Stadium?

“Cue the Sun.”, says Gil at 3/4 time when we are two goals up against the doggies and this will blind Joe and Cale. Shh, I shouldn’t be giving him ideas, just as well we’re not playing GWS there again this year.

I know, I know, I’m being paranoid. It is not as if there are 1500 journalist/communication specialists who are reliant on the AFL for their accreditation so their media organisations can get a piece of the pie. That would just have too much scope for corruption and controlling the narrative. That sort of thing only happens in places like North Korea.

Sorry Saga - New Blitz Edition

■■■■ we play the dogs next week.