Troy Pannell & Leigh Fisher


So no Fisher or Pannell for us this week but looks like the Pies should be prepared to be shafted, with Pannell set to be 19th man for Nth Melb this week.

There seems to be a theme going on, as Pannell was umpiring in the Nth vs Melb game last week, which was of course an upset win to Nth.

How on earth does Pannell umpire 3 Nth Melb games in a row?


The single biggest disgrace in that video is that our medicos helped him. Should have left him out there on the ground.


It’s quite strange that is even allowed to happen before we even get to corruption theories.


Get ready, the fix is in. Pannell as Adelaide’s 19th man. Unbelievable.

So can the club launch an official appeal against the most corrupt umpire in history?


Let’s just take note that we are calling out Pannell again 2 days before the game has begun.

I have no doubt we will be revisiting this thread calling for his head once again.

There is no coincidence that we have called him out pre game and we will be shafted during the game.


If the club launched an appeal we’d be bringing the game into disrepute or some such crazy thing. Lose draft picks, you name it.


Kicked out of finals


I like how you imply that Pannell is the reason we’ll lose. Like we somehow had a chance otherwise it wont be our overall averageness against the best side in the competition that’ll see us lose this match.

Honestly. this thread is ridiculous.


Saturday night will be seen as one of the finest victories this club has produced.

Without our best midfielder, first choice ruckman and one of the competitions elite small forwards.

I for one am looking forward to the game.

Go Bombers!


The Bogeymen: who’s coming to get your team in round 21?

Troy Pannell ? Yes, but he will fly under the radar because he will even up the free kicks by the end of the game with 10 free kicks in our defensive half.


Previously I umpired about 300 games of footy at a local level, including a few TAC cup games. I’ve always been mindful of having pre-conceived ideas and thoughts about certain clubs I umpired. Whether there were blokes in the team that I didn’t like, or I just hated a particular club for their arrogance. I tried to be central to each of these notions.
The thing is, I couldn’t. You simply cannot go into a game umpiring a side who you hate or dislike, and umpire the game fairly. It is psychologically impossible.

Currently I’m studying behaviour and psychology, I keep shaking my head at the way the AFL is run, and the way umpires interpretation the game. No wonder we are currently at a stage where people are giving up watching the game because of being frustrated by rules and umpiring.

The fact there is a rules committee, who change the rules each week depending on their agenda and the AFL’s agenda is the biggest issue with our game. That’s not to say rules shouldn’t be changed. But the fact that rules are being changed and promoted like it’s a new guernsey kit for a club. As in “watch our great AFL game this season, with exciting ALL NEW RULES”. It’s an absolute farce.
Regular Changing of rules is extremely dangerous for the AFL, as it means that umpires over ride their subconscious brain (ie. habit) and start making decisions in the prefrontal cortex. That’s not such an issue, except that it uses a lot of the bodies glycogen stores, and Is energy intensive. When you put the that together with high intensity exercize and then maintaining that over 100 minutes. Decision making overall is going to Be seriously effected. Then it takes along time to get into a new habit. The umpires start to write a new habit into the nerological pathways. Then Rules committee change the rules again.

ALL Around the world in most sports there’s bias in officiating the local team. It’s easy to understand that the brain is effected by threat and reward response. If an umpire is umpiring Adelaide vs st.Kilda at the Adelaide oval. And the umpires are feeling unconsciously threatened by the response from the crowd and getting verbally and physically harassed after the game. They will end up making decisions which takes them out of feeling of being threatened. Consciously they will say “rubbish, I don’t feel threatened and it doesn’t influence my decisions”
It does. We all know it does.
On the other hand there are umpires that thrive and love that particular response from a crowd. Ie. Ray Chamberlain.

In essence the more noise and threatening we are towards umpiring decisions. The better chance we have at gaining the upper hand.

Ps. There are a lot of other factors, that influence also.


Jonodvp, I am interested in your take on the umpires brief to “keep the game flowing” clearly, if every breach of the rules was awarded as a free the game would become an intolerable spectacle, basically like “kick to kick”

On the other hand I have found it frustrating that in many cases tackles are not rewarded. It seems HTB no longer exists. Players know this, and just drop the ball as soon as a player touches their arm. Dislodged in the tackle is the greatest let out clause umps have to keep the game flowing.

So, what instructions did you get from the “umpires coach” on this issue?


Pannell and Fishers wives have 2 [email protected]#oles


Not sure how you manage to draw that conclusion. My point is that Pannell has been scheduled for our game yet again, despite the fact that he has umpired 3 games of ours already. Why us so frequently? And anyone who watches our games that he umpires can see a blatant bias against us.

Nothing to do with assuming we will win or lose. But clearly this is an uphill task if an umpire is awarding free kicks against at critical moments. Against Nth it was 6-2 at quarter time plus two 50m penalties, and one of those was when Daniher had marked near the goal square already (was handed to Laverde who then missed). 14 to 6 at half time but 22-22 at the end. Consistently happens so appears to be pretty corrupt conduct to me.

Let’s see how this game pans out and whether the umpires have much of an impact. The last two games against dogs and FC have been pretty evenly umpired and were a much better spectacle as a result, that’s all anyone really wants.


That’s why i always boo the umpires if they give a few questionable ones against us and hate when people say ‘whats the point in booing it’s childish’. It gives my team an advantage so the more the better.


Pannell again??? Haven’t we had enough…


sorry mate but if you genuinely believe that any umpire is deliberately biased against any specific side because he hates them you’re lost. They’re simply ■■■■ at doing a tough job made all the more difficult by stupid and ever changing interpretations of unnecessarily complicated rules.


Sorry mate - but is you who is wrong.

Panell is a deadset cheat.

He has a history and you’d have to be naive not to see it.


nah I’m just not quite so stuck in a bunker as to think that everyone or anyone is out to get us… they’re all bad, I’ve watched more than enough to neutral games to know this.
In a way, suggesting this bloke is a cheat actually gives the rest of them way to much credit for their own ineptitude when the reality is they’re all shithouse.


I recall Leigh Matthews advocated this back when he was coach of the brions. The Fox commenters at the time thought it a huge joke and dismissed it out of hand. I thought at the time and still do that this was a good idea for the reasons you point out. Also selecting older field umpires to run the boundary would give them longer time in the game. If each boundary umpire only has to cover play from the point post to opposite the center bounce line that would be a lot less aerobically demanding.