Truck slams into crowd at Bastille Day Celebrations- Terror attack likely

Looks like they’ve hit France again. Latest reports say up to 50 killed/hundred plus injured.

[email protected], ■■■■■■ horrendous.

A lorry has struck a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice, with reports of many dead.

The incident took place on the famous Promenade des Anglais during a firework display, media reports say. One image on Twitter showed about a dozen people lying on the street, some being tended to. The local prefecture has urged people in the area to remain indoors, calling the incident "an attack". Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that "a lorry driver appears to have killed dozens of people". A local official was later quoted as saying that at least 30 people were dead. The mayor and police urged residents to stay indoors.

Some reports spoke of shots being exchanged between police and the occupants of the lorry but these have not been confirmed.

Social media video showed people running through the streets in panic following the incident.
A journalist with the Nice Matin newspaper reported from the scene that there was “a lot of blood and without doubt many injured”.

An Agence France-Presse reporter said the incident took place as the firework display was ending, adding: “We saw people hit and bits of debris flying around.”

Another image on Twitter showed a white lorry stopped in the middle of the promenade with damage to its front, and four police officers observing it while taking cover behind a palm tree.
One eyewitness told France’s BFM TV: "Everyone was calling run, run, run there’s an attack run, run, run. We heard some shots. We thought they were fireworks because it’s the 14th of July.
"There was great panic. We were running too because we didn’t want to stick around and we went into a hotel to get to safety. "

Just noticed this. Shocking.

Another group of murderous arseholes who will claim Isis as inspiration and round it goes again.

I’m leaving my current southern France city tomorrow, then.

(Yes, I was doing so anyway. Sorry.)

From The Guardian:

“The initial details suggest a tactic that jihadist propaganda has suggested for several years, with a vehicle ploughing into a crowd. For instance, Inspire magazine - affiliated with al Qaida - urged the tactic several years ago.”


An eyewitness has told the Associated Press that he saw the truck driver emerge from the vehicle with a gun and start shooting after ploughing into the crowd.

■■■■ what a ■■■■■■ up world we live in.

Getting worse. Reports of 60 killed. Possibly gunman(men?) on the loose. Gunfire exchanged.

This is farked… I’m speechless.

73 and seemingly climbing.

Was in Nice a few years ago, beautiful vibrant city with people to match. Just tragic.

Religion of Peace

It’s time once again to break out the FB French flag icon and start up a #prayfornice hashtag and it will be all ok

I’ll just leave this quote from Diggers here. Originally posted after the Orlando shootings.

Yep. Both.

And for those who support the ‘Islam is the problem’ point of view, why aren’t they all shooting the place up? It’s in the Quran after all. Isn’t it? Those people you interact with every day. They should be trying to kill you. But they don’t. So what are they, crap at it?

But of course we can’t criticise Islam or link any of these now weekly terror atrocities to the religion of peace.

Waiting for more obfuscation and apologetic from the deluded Left who refuse to acknowledge that there is one ideology at the centre of terrorism.

See, you let yourself down again with “one”. Its not just one. Never has been. Unless you are refering to “fear” as the ideology.

But yes, there is most certainly a massive problem with elements within Islam.

Obama condemned the attackes.

Do he need to though? Is there anyone out there going “I bet Obama loves this”.

See, you let yourself down again with "one". Its not just one. Never has been. Unless you are refering to "fear" as the ideology.

But yes, there is most certainly a massive problem with elements within Islam.

There is only one religion with Jihad and Sharia law as their doctrine, who preaches death over life, celebrates suicide bombers and terrorist killings, and indoctrinates their youth to kill.

Obviously there are extremists in all walks of life, but nowhere near the scale and fervour that exists within Islam. That argument is too often used to downplay the very real threat that Islam presents to our Western values and freedoms.

Apologists and people on the left who aren’t willing to acknowledge the truth at the expense of having to confront the fact that multiculturalism and immigration doesn’t always work, are having to constantly find ways to diminish the extent of the problem by using ridiculous arguments like “what about the crusades?” or “how about that Westboro church?”. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Obama condemned the attackes.

Do he need to though? Is there anyone out there going “I bet Obama loves this”.

“I bet Trump loves this”

with every attack the more votes in November he will get

Yes, well I can just imagine the outrage that is going to be expressed in all of the below publications.

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Sorry, did anyone just hear a pin drop?

First one I looked at.

First one I looked at.

Mmm, an American publication. Interesting to know how far the authors arm was being twisted or what level of self preservation they place upon themselves.

Sarcastic - not.

Reportedly at 2010, there were 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Roughly 23% of the worlds population.
What I am saying is, that if someone was killing innocent people in the name of something I believed in. I would be incensed and would express that outrage. I just don’t see the expected levels of outrage forthcoming from 23% of the worlds population.
Passive condoning maybe, but not the outrage.

Maybe it’s just because I don’t read Arabic or subscribe to The Islamic Times.