Turns out the Shockers are — review thread


Yeah I think I recall something like that
Blitz crowd fund to pay the fine??


Because Hooker destroyed him!


Yes. Glad somebody else brought this up. I would say we dropped 20+ uncontested marks. Yes, some we had to go down low for but some were laces out on the chest.


Not only Taberner, but Hogan was obliterated.


Cox too


Amazing that I think we can’t get any worse from here, the north game the intensity is a stark contrast

We’re due for a “it all clicks” game this week or next.


Or to put it another way, this week our opposition get two dubious free kicks on the goal square in the last quarter to almost gift them the game. Last week we do not get the crystal clear free kick on the goal square to give us the game.


I think we are eyeing off “the bye”. Looks a sure thing.


He only really did one thing wrong when he got HTB in their forward line.

Someone’s carrying on like a porkychop.


You too eh…

■■■■ Aldi.


How good was Bellchambers Mark going back with the flight?

Absolute ripper. Even if it nearly took Walla’s head off.


I never though I’d see the day but Taberner 0 goals.


Cox wasn’t just obliterated he was by far the worst on ground was somewhat embarrassing for the young man. Kudos to whoever did the job.


Can’t really argue with any of that( the black and white thing)

Imo though his mindset and intensity was way up than anything he has shown this year.


Everyone should just climb up the goal posts.


Ok, i was impressed by their banner. It made me laugh.


Please don’t do Morrison “How good’s XX?” questions.

Tommy is just getting better each week. Which is a good thing given the alternatives remaining.


Banner text has to be approved by the AFL (well, ours do, anyway). Interesting.


I thought they had to be approved.


:joy:. Maybe I am dusting off the blue tie for work tomorrow.