TV show thread (2022-?)

Everything that Shiv and Tom said to and about each other, was 100% true.

What a scene.


after running out of things to watch, ended up watching the rest of Vikings Valhalla
wasnt terrible, took a while to build up the plot line.
The Greenlanders really make the show.


Request: Please blur comments on what’s happening re Succession Season 4.

Am watching Season 3 at the moment.

Thanks to @CalDon and @Koala for their input re me sticking with the show. Took a while, but liking it now.


Indeed, yes.

Which is why it was such a show-stopper.

Big fan of Barry but that last episode - WTF?

Hope they bring it home better and make the landing stick.


With it being at the end, and the finale coming up, it might need its own spoiler thread.

EDIT: And done: Succession Season 4 Spoiler THREAD (May contain traces of spoilers)


How many episodes are left?

3 more to go

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I read that next week is the big episode for the season. Of the remainder anyway.

My guess is its going to be the later more than the former, which is the opposite, I think, of what you are thinking, looking forward to the next episode.

Have any Blitzers watched Generation Kill? 2008 mini-series written by David Simon (of The Wire fame) following a journalist attached to a group of marines during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

I’m four episodes in and it’s fantastic so far


I’m quite enjoying Totally Completely Fine on Stan. Since it’s largely about suicide, there are Lifeline ads everywhere.

I have an appalling fear of heights and cringe every time anyone goes near the clifftop, which is the epicentre of the story. I always do the same thing when someone’s about to get splattered by a car.

And Thomasin McKenzie is such a quality young actress that I’m prepared to claim her as Australian.

As Australian as John Clarke, Split Enz, Sam Neill and Russell Crowe anyway.

Well, if they’re prepared to claim the lamington, the pavlova, Will Somerville and Luke Ronchi, I say “cop that, bro!”

I have indeed. It is excellent

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I’m not sure how I expected it to end up. But if I made 700 guesses, I still wouldn’t have been close.

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I liked it. Got a bit OTT in parts but otherwise it was a god watch. Good mix of laughs, serious stuff and stupidity.

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Unforgotten S5 starts Sun May 14 at 20.30. BBC First.

This time around there will (obviously) be a different dynamic but hopefully the quality of previous seasons is maintained.

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Nicola Walker to star, as she did in River?

Nice thought. Doubt it, though.

I’d be watching Nicola Walker in anything.


I didn’t get into that series about the divorce lawyers.

Where can i watch this