TV show thread (2022-?)

random thought while stuck watching the last bit of masterchef

they should have a judge panel of dipsht fussy eaters for added lols

stressing out over some dish for 45min only for it to come unstuck with “ew i don’t like anything with onion”

i remember someone got marked down years ago for putting capers on a dish, and the judge hated capers.



Hard Quiz has consecutive Fark Carlton and Babylon 5 competitors… I think I have an opinion on who should win.

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5 from 5… re: 5!

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I’d only watched the first ep when you wrote this. On my daily list now and just through eps 4 and 5. Sensational show and we now realise how much time we’ve utterly wasted on so many US cop shows…The Wire and NYPD Blue excepted.


I’m onto ep 4 of After the Party, an NZ drama set in Wellington, on ABC iView.

Penny is a teacher (of questionable behaviour - mid 50s) whose husband Phil has returned to Wellington and is teaching at another school. Now Penny doesn’t like Phil…at all…but her mother, Joy, and daughter, Grace, do.

Penny gets the idea that Phil is a paedo because she sees him caring for a blind drunk teenager, Ollie, at the party, who’s only just realising that he’s gay. She then starts hounding everybody about it.

Now, everybody’s against hitting women, but there are exceptions.

Penny is played by one of the creators, Robyn Malcolm, who is very keen on nuding up, older Helen Mirren-style.

I’m 4 eps in out of 6. Phil is played by Peter Mllan (Guilt).

I’ve gone through to the finishing line, when it was on ABC 20 FTA. It’s gruelling, great acting by the Kiwi cast. How she loses everyone, including the viewer, playing a vigilante based on a misunderstanding, she joined the wrong dots, until ……

You will enjoy(?) eps 5 & 6. Some great acting performances, I thought Grace was excellent.

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That day at the beach with Grace and what she said to her father!

Sorry…was confusing Grace from Party with Grace from Blue Lights

Grace in Party is so good. Could line up a haircut for Walt though.

She lost me very early on.

Finished the first series. It’s even gone up in my estimation.

It’s even better than Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods. (Sarcasm predominant)

I’ll finish After the Party after the football.

Watched ep 5…too intense to watch two in a night. She is such a shocker.

Just started watching The Witcher this week. Enjoying it. (Looking back on other posts I realise I’m a bit late to the party here).


I’m still not sure that those dots she connected were warranted.

I don’t think that what she read in the leaflets of Tom’s books justified her conclusion, and that not sure Tom’s memories weren’t introduced by her constant carry-on.

As it emerged, Tom was not the playing the Hitchcock MacGuffin role in the plot.

That’s how it was written. I found it a crap ending. I’ll stick with Brokenwood.