Ty Vickery and Jake King believed to be under Police investigation

A horse and carriage service?

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Tbf if I wanted to scare ■■■■■ into paying up I wouldn’t mind knowing someone like Jake King

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especially if King gets charged when things go pear shaped, and Vickery can walk away without charge.

HTF does that work? Unless Vickery asked Jake to make a few polite requests and Jake interpreted that to mean he could go and threaten to kill someone

“AFL bad boy…”

Oh, so he’s kinda edgy?

“…made death threats”



Probably exactly what happened

Now this is richmondy. Did king have chopsticks when he made the threats?

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Jake King providing the muscle for criminal mastermind Tyrone Vickery sounds like a pitch for a delightful 80s action/comedy buddy movie. Danny Devito playing Jake King and some wrestler as Tyrone. Kenny Loggins theme song (of course).


But surely if you want to make a few polite requests, you wouldn’t involve Jake…a hothead with criminal links and few brain cells. However, if you wanted to intimidate and threaten someone…

Doesn’t ring true to me. Maybe the investigations into Ty are not yet complete.

Hulk Hogan? No scratch that and go with the Iron Sheik

Now someone who is creative get working on a poster. All we need is a title.

hawks going to great lengths to get out of vickery contract.


No. The Great Khali is a much better physical and skills match.


So someone working for Gatto Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd is in a spot of bother.

Strike me down with a feather.



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It’s ok, they can use both Toby Mitchell and Ali Fahour for their glowing character references when they front up to court.

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meme page jacked your joke.

Yes, I know. I misspelled “ha”.

Plagiarism is wrong.

There is a certain Carlton man that you can use to reclaim debt and not incur the police. Not smart using King.