Umpire appointments round 19

I have been so obssessed with how we were treated last week and the fact that we all called out the fact we knew we would get murdered by the umps, I just had to know who was umpring our game this week.

So here we go.

  1. Brendan Hosking
  2. Shaun Ryan
  3. Andrew Mitchell.

Don’t know Hosking or Mitchell, and Shaun Ryan is typically a very good umpire. So great news!

In other news, Fisher and Pannell are umpiring together again, the Roos v Dees game.

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if he screws us over I’m going to kick you in the sack


I read the comments here before I saw the North game (was working on Saturday). I’ve got to say, I thought the responses in the game day thread were pretty hysterical. Watching the game, I though they missed one or two doozies of ours, but were generally on the money. Some of the whining over pretty fair interpretations was (in hindsight) pretty atrocious.

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I thought the complaints about the first half umpiring were very fair. 14-5 with two dubious 50M penalties and a bunch of stuff missed for us. The crowd was rightly livid.

Second half they balanced it out


People over react when Essington turn up. Every missed call is amplified and I think it’s just manifesting itself in people being frustrated over Essington. If we were up by 10 goals no one would overly care.

Tippa should have got that free tho.


You say overreaction. I say 15 posters posting the same thing in a 2 minute time frame so it seems exacerbated to someone not actively watching the game or reading it after the match. ergo you’re wrong.


15 posters. Try 39500 people at the game thought it was horrendous, especially the first half.

Those two 50s especially. Just when our forward pressure was about to break them both times. Very convenient timing.


I’m addressing this point in particular.

I read the comments here before I saw the North game (was working on Saturday). I’ve got to say, I thought the responses in the game day thread were pretty hysterical.

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Shaun Ryan is good because he understands his place in the game, i.e. a great performance from him is being oblivious to the crowd. The worst umpires typically are those with the opposite perspective - they tend to have egos and feel the need to stamp their impact the game.


Just trying to reinforce the point

Dogs usually get a pretty good run from the umps regardless. I’d expect this to continue on Sunday.

oh good grief :roll_eyes:

Thread title made me assume the worst… phew. Hopefully this mob can identify marks and stuff.


You’ve encroached the mark. 50.

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Roos to win then

Yep. We gotta make sure everyone stops talking about tanking.

The D’s are gonna get crucified!

Things are looking up.

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That JoeDan mark would have been paid to Brown, so yes, it was ■■■■■■

Also before the 50, the high against hepp, hepp had the ball, nobody had really hit anybody, nothing had happened, at all, was just bewilderment, it was at the first point we’d shown any momentum too, and kicked away to a 17 point lead…was so strange, before 2 seconds had even passed, free kick, then north players all stream forward, raz is a little late because nobody has the ■■■■■■■ brightest idea what the ■■■■ is going on

happened vs freo multiple times as well, whistle goes and nobody just has a fkn clue whats going on

wasn’t as noticeable in the last few years, but this year, just baffling incompetence / bias

absolute ■■■■■■■ joke


Oh come on. Heppel clearly had the arm over the shoulder, and if Raz had been further from the guy he was "following " he’d have been in Siberia.

@ants loves Troy Pannel, just like @riolio loves Barrett.