Uncle Andy and some dodgy dealings


I remember Vlad parent’s Fish & Chip shop in Bell Street when I was a kid in Pascoe Vale. I also remember his eldest brother Jim, who played a few games for the Bombers. Played footy for Pascoe Vale, and he was a few years younger than me, but he had a good reputation. People now say he is a great bloke who does great community and charity work, not like the baby of the family, Vlad.


Vlado actually owes $311K to the Acquire Company ( nice little loan that has not been quietly written off by shonky accounts people in the meantime.) . Hopefully the receiver will claw it back from him, now that he cannot hand out invites to the GF lunch networking opportunity to gain influence and get off.


$311k is chump change to fat Vlad.


Wasn’t he alleged to have dropped 2 mill on Bill Vlahos’s Ponzi scheme?


Hopefully. Screw the lot of em.


Sponsorship of Carlton by one of his companies fell over. Similarly, problems with sponsorship of Cronulla ( Scomos’s team) by a subsidiary of Capitol Health was in trouble, NAB had to restructure Capitol Health’s $50m debt to NAB. Just about everything he touches turns to dross. However he still seems to have some sort of advisory position with David Evans company. Players beware - his wealth generation may not be yours.


And the donkey they rode in on.


Can you put a global autocorrect on the C word (football club and inner northern suburb) to the correct spelling (rhymes with ‘Brunton’) ?

(Or should I just stop saying that)


Wasn’t Vlad involved in some sort of sneeky stuff with Crown Casino a couple of years back?


Think it is/was Crown Bet, which is an AFL sponsor