Uncle Andy and some dodgy dealings


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according to the article it was really tax payers money being burnt from a typical “good intentioned” labor party initiative for education.

And it was the liberals who eventually caught and stopped it seems once they got power and realized it.

Amazing how many of these grand labor plans come back to haunt us…


What’s more amazing is how a few greedy people can ruin good plans for everyone else.


Whats more amazing is how many suckers are born every minute thinking everyone is out to do what is right by everyone else…


Took the Coalition quite some time to shut down VET FEE HELP, about 4- 5 years after they came to power and only after investigations by statutory bodies.
And, if the TAFE system had not been gutted, it might never have happened.
How do you feel about the Andrews Government additional assistance to TAFE and Federal ALP policy in that regard?


Labour, Liberal, whoever.
Wish part of being in parliaments oath was that if you lie and/or rip of the public, you should be waterboarded!
Then well see whos in it fot the people or themselves.
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Just because it took “X” time to shut down, does not change the fact it was identified and closed down. What are you implying, that the liberal government were allowing the rort … well fraud to go on?
These things take time.
Tafe was never gutted of anything that was not useless or serious… it strayed along way from Carpentry and hair cuts.
You will find under the liberal party the same incentives are given for the bread butter industrys. Plumbing, Carpentry, brick laying, concrete construction.

Should the tax payer really be paying to find a cert3 in celebrancy? Well labour probably do.


Assertions and claims should be backed by facts to have any merit. The onus is on the person making the assertion/claim. And there is a huge difference in meaning between “possible ‘ and “probable”
Now, a few facts from me, just asking for some facts from you…

As marriage is the exclusive power of the Commonwealth and Marriage Celebrants must be registered under the Commonwealth Marriage Act ( at cert IV level) any tuition subsidies would be more likely from the Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth and Victoria provide tuition subsidies to TAFE and to some private RTOs ( subject to strict conditions) against defined skill sets (celebrants don’t get a mention)
In some cases, the Commonwealth limits access to fee subsidies to registered job seekers in courses identified as meeting skilled employment gaps ( such as aged and child care) , in part linked to Centrelink obligations.
TAFE courses used to be HECS free. After TAFE funding cuts, courses were subject to HECS. And, then, we had to introduce skilled work visas for a range of occupations that would previously have been met from here .


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Actually Simon Birmingham called for review of VET Fee Help in 2015, less than two years after the Coalition won office, despite being briefed by his department ‘nothing to see here’. You are right in that a statutory authority, in the VET sector, did the heavy lifting along with the ACCC and Fair Trading NSW to gather the evidence against the rorters like Acquire.


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What the company did was illegal, even under the scheme, that’s why the company was prosecuted and copped a massive fine.

It’s not a ‘Liberal thing’ or a ‘Labor thing’, it’s only a ‘Vlad is a sneaky fark’ thing