Unpopular Opinion

This is from 2017, it’s in my favourite photos folder.

This meal is probably in my top 15 all timers, including milky sweet US style cawfee.


Young announcer on radio today (4zzz, Brisbane equivalent of PBS/RRR, but I believe possibly older) described something or other as ‘swell’. Nearly puked on my steering wheel. I mean, unless you’re talking about surf, which she most definitely wasn’t, WTF does that even mean? Is some farking TV station doing re-runs of Eight is Enough or something and gen Z/millennials are all into it? Give it a rest FFS.

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Totes Bonza bro.

Yeah, I see how those could be unpopular too, but maybe if it was a freebie…

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What a turkey.

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Definitely the 'G

Everything Bagel with cream cheese is the bomb.


I don’t like the Grand final public holiday. Makes the Grandfinal parade boring because no one’s in the city. I also liked working Friday talking about the next day, then finishing work excited that the next day was Grand final day. The day before the hole thing just loses momentum.


Well, yes :grin:

I think it is a touch harsh pinning that entirely on the public holiday.


Have to share somewhere.

Local fisho just threw jn two extra tassie scallops.

Ordered 2 got 4

Along with my burger with the lot im stoked


Your Dad’s your mum and your mum’s your Dad.

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The Carlton family
duhnunuNUH snap snap
duhnunuNUH snap snap

That’s an unpopular opinion?

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Nah i just think in this thread we diverged briefly into local fishos

Speaking of which a good one is more important than a good cafe

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Yew Bewt

Magic 1278 is easily the best radio station in Victoria.

  • AM Frequency - Songs sound like vinyl records
  • Bare minimum of DJ chatter
  • Deep classic cuts from 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.

Agreed, listen to it all the time. It’s what gold 104.3 was 20 years ago. Great music, with the hint of mono nostalgia through the AM frequency

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Just a little spelling fix

That too.

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