Unpopular Opinion

Yep that is it; Cath.

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The ridiculous tax on cigarettes has built another bastion of organised crime.
Smash and grabs will become more common.
As will chop chop, and the taking over of tobacconists by gangs.
And violence and etc etc etc.

And the idiot from Quit who said vaping was leading kids to smoking, at $55 per pack, and making them think screw this cherry flavour, gimme that yummy tobacco taste, should be strung up by the toes.

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100% agree. Government is over governing our lives. Simple fix would be to do make smokers and alcoholics pay for treatment related to deceases caused by smoking and drinking.

The answer can’t be to keep increasing taxes, because all that does is increase crime.

Further really unpopular opinion.
You’re not paying for their treatment.
They’re paying for yours.
And have been for a long, long time.


Well only if I need treatment.

Stuff that. Might as well do the same for people that don’t exercise or eat take away food.

I pay over $100k a year in income and tobacco taxes per year. Add private health insurance to that. That more than covers any cost my choice / addiction has on the health system.

My point is that they should reduce taxes on Tobacco and alcohol making it more affordable.

I get that, but the point remains that the accusation of people paying $40 tax per day, plus private, plus Medicare, are bludging on the system is just…wrong.
I’ll say again: You’re not subsidising them.
They’re subsidising you, however you want to look at it.

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The price of cigarettes due to high taxes is a deterrent to not take them up or smoke as much for many. It’s a good thing taxes are high there.

Tackling chop chop could be at least partially addressed by targeted police activity but it’s not as policing is predominantly state whilst the taxes are federal. Nothing in it for them.

I had this discussion with a smoker the other day regarding him paying so much tax on cigarettes he was entitled to treatment. The conversation moved on and he revealed he was buying chop chop. Had to laugh.

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