US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


And for Trump.

I wonder how many of the ladies and gents caring for his hotels and golf courses have green cards.


What did you do with your day today?


Handy link for the next 18 months:


It’s Congress constitutional duty to impeach Trump is it not? If the Dems truly believe Trump has committed impeachable acts, they should impeach.

This is the kicker because it’s so true. I used to think they knew what the people want but as you said sold their souls to corporate interests but they live in such a bubble that I think they genuinely have no clue that the majority of Americans want M4A, end the wars etc etc

Laughable. Sanders has been championing minorities, especially African Americans for longer than I’ve been alive.

No offence mate but this is a truly awful take. They need a centrist this time around? Really? How’d that go in 2016? If the DNC run a centrist in 2020 it’s another 4 years of Trump guaranteed. He will absolutely wipe the floor with Biden and any other centrist stooge the DNC can conjure up. As for Mayor Pete - seriously? Has he even got any substantive policy? He’s just a more coherent Beto. Mayor Pete will get demolished by Trump not because he’s openly gay, but because he’s another establishment lackey.

The way to beat Trump is progressive policy - it’s really that simple.


He’s saying stuff that makes the president look bad. Cut to an ad break!


NRA annual meeting today.

Guns not allowed, due to safety reasons. :thinking::thinking:


Lol. But who will protect them from the lone gunman?


hmm tweet deleted- who’d of guessed


Not sure at all that Americans want “progressive policy”.

Capitalism is so engrained into their heart and soul that the poor and impoverished still hold that capitalist dream, and think that the work hard and success will arrive ethic is true for them.

Any American with a job will support the status quo, and even those who hate the Trump views on women and minorities, will follow the “good for business” mantra as they have jobs and Trump delivered on this, or they believe he has.

There are no socialists in American politics, and while some put Bernie up or even some of the younger Democrats coming through, all are also a key part of US capitalist doctrine and all democrats even Bernie independently minded as he is, support a system of master/servant.

During my recent stay in USA, every meeting I attended was all about making money, minimising tax and paying staff as least as possible. The only socially progressive questions came from Australians and comments about worker safety, superannuation, staff entitlements all were answered In profitability terms.

Talk to US citizens in smaller places and they have the same drive as those in Silicon Valley to be a billionaire, didn’t meet anyone who wants to make the place better for all.

Just like here in Australia where the LNP usually pull more primary votes than Labor, mostly because the majority care only for themselves, because that is what they are taught from birth.


Bernie’s team should just tweet this out every other week:


The fix was always on. Only way to get rid of this administration is through a massive repudiation at the polls.


Good to see Noor was found guilty.


So I started to wonder if Barr could be charged/indicted with Obstruction or something himself for what he has done, … and now I see Dem Maxine Waters has called for him to be “impeached” for it, … so I guess via some avenue, he can be.

Certainly seems at this point that he should be, and that as expected, has done no more than act as a Trump stooge.


What we are seeing shows how fragile the US style of democracy is. Every other country that has adopted that system has ended up as a dictatorship.


Part of Mueller’s letter to Barr.


Maybe the US should do what it has done to so many other countries: invade itself and overthrow the government.


Multiple secession followed by resources war not unimaginable. Already large militias established all over the place, ready made complex gangs. The PlayStation exclusive so many have been waiting for



Another school shooting. Awesome place to send kids to school.


Never ends…