US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


Representing “America’s forgotten man and woman”, in the Red Corner we have:


If there is one way to Guarantee re election in the US. it’s to be in the first throes of a new War at the time.


I’m in the States at the moment. Everyone is going nuts about the “heartbeat” bill they’ve just introduced in Georgia.

The limitations of women’s rights in a first world nation is astounding.


More astounding to me is the Orwellian newspeak that has crept in over the past few years… infanticide is now a “woman’s right”.


Not sure if serious…


Left wing nut jobs saying nut job things is more astounding to you than a first world country proposing a law that will sentence women to twenty years jail for an abortion and ten years for endangering a foetuses life.

More astounding.


Also, that’s neither Newspeak nor Orwellian.


Two Smoking Barrels is a believer in the almighty and, dare I say, a bit of a literalist. Every sperm is sacred, indeed


I don’t think his choice of deity really enters into it.
But if he’s truly astounded by that then I hope he never hears a right wing idiot say Hitler was misunderstood.
He’ll die of shock.

It’s a very different thing to the proposed laws.


Alright, I’ll bite.

It is a woman’s right to seek an abortion.

It’s also her right to do it free of pathetic, stone age judgement from creeps who don’t understand that they are the ones out of step and out of relevance.


I suspect TSB has been watching too many Trump rallies or Fox. These nuts are saying doctors and mothers wrap the baby up after birth then decide if they want to kill it or not - insanity that this is coming from the mouth of the President.


Really? Can they really be that stupider every day?


Sure seems like it.


Remember when we thought there was a bottom?


This happened last month.


You realise that was the governer of Virginia who said that about deciding whether they want to kill the baby or not?

Anyways, I didn’t mean to sound snarky towards Wunderlust or about the issue, so my apologies if that’s how it came across. If we can keep silly “stone age” type comments out of it, I’ll briefly state why abortion cannot be anyone’s right.

Science tells us that from the moment of conception, the zygote is living, as its cells grow and multiply. Furthermore, we know that from the moment of conception, the zygote has a distinct and separate human DNA from its mother. Therefore from the moment of conception, the zygote is a living human being, biologically separate and distinct from its mother. Every human being has the right to its life. Consequently, abortion is the premeditated killing of another human being, which is murder – and no one ever has that right.

Whether it’s technically newspeak or whatever is irrelevant; I suspect you knew my meaning – which is that to claim abortion is a women’s right issue is a disingenuous (or at least incorrect) use of language.


No, we can’t keep the “Stone Age” stuff out of it. Your beliefs come from a Stone Age superstition and your choice of delusion has no bearing on the rights of others.

A woman has every right to seek abortion.

Now, can we move on to your opinions on tattoos, long hair on men, shellfish and those pesky women who refuse to separate themselves from polite society while menstruating?


I could get really ugly here.

Abortion is totally a women’s right and for you to in any way to equate it to murder is disgraceful.

And no “science” suggests that on conception that a zygote cell is a human being.


I hope you don’t pluck your eyebrows. Make you a serial killer. Your organisation has its interpretation of the science and that’s what you need to clarify.

In the meantime I’d ask you, according to my cult, to have the same respect for other species, stop eating the flesh of other creatures. And I’d ask you to refrain from having relations with your partner and extend that request to everyone in your organisation because you are creating too much sanctified life sans rubber Johnny and using up too many resources while not paying taxes. It is very selfish.

Where do you stand on rape children?


A woman’s body is her domain and no one, least of all males enacting laws, should have an iota of influence on it. I have additional stronger language but will keep it to myself.