US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


Not really politics per se, but it does display the crassness of one of Fox News’s greatest fascists.

And yes…those French people who helped them throw off the British yoke and whose example they followed when deciding to drive on the right.


I have no idea about the background to this, although you get a very clear idea from Jon Stewart what has happened and what he thinks about it.

He gives a very powerful and emotional and eloquent tirade. It’s worth watching the video.




Stewart has been advocating for 9/11 responders for the past 18 years. The last time congress were due to extend health coverage someone added a gun control amendment or something equally controversial and the bill didn’t pass. It lapses and the responders lost their medical care. Stewart used his platform to embarrass the politicians into bringing an unadulterated bill to the floor and passing it.


Struggling with the idea that 9/11 was 18 years ago. Seems like only yesterday that I was boarding the shi’t out of all sorts of ships and boats up in the Gulf.


Just a bit of history on the impact Jon Stewart has had on this issue over the years. It highlights the person, but more significantly to me, it highlights how royally farked the USA is.

It’s hard to find some of this on YouTube, but here’s my crack if anyone’s interested.

2018 (behind enemy lines on Fox)

2015 (Being jovially humiliated in order to get his point out to a national audience)

2010 (The Daily Show episode he used to highlight the 9/11 Responders Bill)

2010 (The effect of the daily show ep, completely changed the media narrative overnight)

It’s pretty absurd that the uber patriotic United States of America will not get it’s ■■■■ together to look after those the entire nation unanimously agrees are their modern day heroes.


I would suggest it is part of US culture. There have been many instances of “heroes” ignored, neglected and forgotten quickly after the parade.


Many thanks for collating it. John Stewart is amazing and the US is a ■■■■■■■■■■■.



Nothing, absolutely nothing he does is low enough.


True. Everyone is in awe of heroes until they (the heroes) need help. Then its crickets…


Thanks for putting that together.


“Prince of Whales” :joy:


They must have extracted several quarts of urine there.

Surely they’re just seeing how stupid people can be? I almost admire their ironically inquisitive spirit.


I’ve seen a lot of police brutality clips but ■■■■ me this one is beyond disturbing and sickening. The U.S is has descended into a legit police / authoritarian state. The militarization of police departments over there is ■■■■■■■ alarming.


■■■■ that trash. Pieces of absolute ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.


If Biden runs for President, I can see another easy win for Trump.


Not according to Trump’s own polling. It had Biden with a lead in 15 out of the 17 states they looked at. But who knows this far out.


There’s another new one involving some kid (17 but small and thin due to his medical condition) who was just walking along bouncing his basketball when cops just turn up, take him down, and take him away… for no apparent reason, they didn’t even try and pin a charge on him*

  • from the little I have read.



You can literally hear and feel the dehumanization. I must admit I couldn’t watch the entire clip in one go :frowning: