US Politics Thread - Post Mueller Edition


George should be furious about good old egalitarian Orstraya too, it’s happening here. No doubt George is a bit furious about that too


I’m mellowing as I get older. I’m more often just generally irritated, and only sometimes significantly peeved nowadays.


The Dems have been quietly instituting a change that will impact the voting moving forward so that the college vote will better reflect the popular vote. I think a lot of individual states have signed onto the thing they have put together. Not sure what it is called.


Found it, don’t know enough about it, someone else can look it up and find out: National Popular Vote legislation

It has been enacted into law in 15 jurisdictions with 189 electoral votes



My rage wants to go out to rock venues and slam dance but then it looks in the mirror and realises it has a gravy stain on its shirt, which is inside out.


The opening paragraph of this story is ** kisses fingertips **



12 dead.
Another day, another mass shooting.
When slaughter becomes mundane.





That is just about one of the most chilling things I have ever watched.


I worked for an American company. The active shooter training was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever sat through. We were told to lock ourselves in a secure location and do not open the door to let your friends inside, even if it means letting them die. That if you are face to face with the attacker, you may have to fight. That if you fight, you should aim to kill.

That was tough with an adult presenting. For a child to do the presentation would have broken me.





Nothing concerning here …

Apart from the fact a prosecutor made Special Prosecutor on whether the state’s (Republican) house speaker’s office tried to set up an African-American protester. You know, putting a guy who says he won’t use domestic violence laws to protect gay victims or that muslims don’t have constitutional rights in charge of deciding if a Republican was racist. What could go wrong?

On the allegations of the house speaker (Casada) framing the African American, I could only find the below. Casada is leaving anyway, as he’s been found to have been sending text messages bragging about using drugs in the legislature building and sexually explicit SMSs. Great guy to be speaker of a house of parliament … :unamused: