Vale Chris Cornell

Reports circling that Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has died suddenly aged 52, from unknown causes.

Fark i hope this is just one of those pranks…

Awful news. Pretty sure it is confirmed.

One of the greatest vocalists of his generation.


Farking gutted.

Liked his Bond theme song. Didn’t know anything else.

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Great voice. Sad news.

Hope not true. Best voice in rock. Legend.

Hot damn

Sick in my stomach. RIP Chris

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Sudden and unexpected in Detroit on Wed night.

No. Just no. R.I.P. :cry:

He had the tools:


way too young. a supremely talented vocalist. stunned

First song I ever saw of his. Young teen, alone in my room, late at night on Rage.

My music tastes changed forever that night.

Thanks for everything Chris.


I was just recently listening to audioslave for the first time in years too :confused:

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One of those at the forefront of a large shift in what was popular music.

My ears rang for nearly two hours after their 94 BDO gig.



Sensational voice. Shocking news

Did he do a version of hallelujah?

He shaped my youth a lot.

Very unique voice and he matched it well with the bands he sang for.

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This one hurts. Why is it never wankers like Axl Rose who just keep ■■■■■■■■ on their legacy?

First 3-4 Soundgarden albums: es bueno
Play em loud.

I personally wouldn’t bother with Audioslave. Plenty love them too though.

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