Vasectomy Advice and/or Experiences

I’m considering getting neutered.

Having Mrs diggers hold the moment whilst I fumble around for a prophylactic was fun in the beginning, but not so much now. That and 2x jnr diggers’ is about the right amount of protege that this world can handle.

So, any of you been down that path?

In weighing up the pros n cons, I’m having a lot of trouble getting past needles and scalpel being taken to my groinage.

Is it as bad as I’m imagining… Or worse?

All genuine and non-genuine responses will be appreciated.

way worse…
cutting off your typing fingers is probably a better idea.


I know I should, but ■■■■ no.
I can wait.


In all seriousness, it really isn’t that bad.

And I’m someone that hates needles or anything else medically related


One of my mates had it done a few years ago…his gonads blew up to the size of beach balls…apparently it was very uncomfortable

Sydney needs more junior members. Don’t do it Digs

Let me be the first to say I’ll do it for $15 or half a slab.

I think @tinhillterror had an amusing anecdote about the testing they do afterwards ?

If you are confident in the strength of your marriage and don’t wanna leave the ‘Charlie Chaplin option’ open, then it shouldn’t be an issue. I wanna keep that option open (just in case). :blush:

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Are you saying you shave your pubes into one of those funny moustaches?


I was 35 when I got the snip, 2 weeks after my daughter was born.

We have 1 boy & 1 girl & 2 kids was enough.

Get it done, it’s no big deal


I got it done when my youngest was about 6 months old. GP wasn’t on board and suggested freezing the swimmers in case something happens to your kids.

That was 13 years ago and haven’t regretted it for a moment.

I saw a specialist who sedated me so have no recollection of the procedure, I woke up in my own bed with frozen peas on the jacks crackers and not a moment of pain, swelling or issues.

I’d say do it.

My envy of Chaplin has limits, HAPs. :grin:

And Diggers may need to consider that option, if the docs are having any location issues.

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Just make sure you get your thumbs out of the way as you slam the bricks together.


Had the snip after we had twins, which made 3 all up. Minor day surgery with major benefits for my better half who was able to get off the pill. No brainer.


Can’t recall how much I gave away.

  • get it done.
  • walk in walk out.
  • if you need a review you just send a pic to the nurse (if it gets infected).
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Never understood vasectomies. It seems like an absolute last resort option for me.

Go old school digs. Rubber ring and a bit of iodine.


I had once played cricket against my surgeon. Before starting the procedure he enquired whether I wanted a ball by ball commentary.


I’ve had a referral from the doc for 6 months. Still not quite ready to make the call.

Best thing I ever did since I had kids

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