VFL and VFLW cancelled for weekends of 29-30 May, 5-6 & 12-13 June 2021 - but back now

Both leagues have some upcoming byes, but “cancelled” seems to be the key word.

The VFLW in particular has a league-wide bye planned for the Queens Birthday holiday, between H&A and finals.

If the games are indeed cancelled and not made up, Hawthorn just lost their slim chance to make VFLW finals.

You can also safely say WE’RE PLAYING FINALS (we lead seventh by a game and 31%).

We do, however, lose any plausible chance of getting a home final, as Casey won’t have to play Footscray but will keep the game versus Darebin. They’re not losing that one.

If round 14 goes ahead as planned, the winner of St Kilda vs Fark Carlton likely gets sixth place (St Kilda definitely, Fark Carlton depending on percentage).

North need Footscray to lose, Fark Carlton to win, and to catch up 11% vs Footscray and 2% vs Fark Carlton. I’d guess Port will beat them, though.


It’s not clear if they will re-re-schedule the girls’ Queensland vs Vic Metro match. Having that happen during finals would suck for us.

@PH_WARFRadio suggesting it may not be as simple as cancelling round 13:

To be fair, the article was confused/confusing:

VFL/W on hold: Victorian games postponed due to COVID chaos

Seven-day lockdown sees all Victorian second-tier matches cancelled

VICTORIA’S lockdown has meant that all VFL and VFLW games and the round of NAB League contests set to be played this weekend will be cancelled.

The State Government’s seven-day lockdown period, which begins on Thursday at 11.59pm AEST, will see all second-tier matches for the men and womens’ competitions postponed.

Some guidelines (not written as clearly/concisely as they could be: rules 2-4, WTF?) are at the link below: bottom line is that the rounds should be cancelled, not postponed.

I’m trying to get more info.

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With SANFL and WAFL still being played it definitely gives those 4 sides a bit of an advantage IMO

Shame, wanted to see Draper get a run in the 2s

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AFL again demonstrating their priorities: they update the VFL app with “support for postponed games”, but only actually update round 7 of the VFL and forgot to also zero out round 13 of the VFLW.

Maybe it’s like the stats: we might be given that later.

No update on the Vic Metro game in Qld. It hasn’t been cancelled, nor postponed. It’s just not happening on the weekend.

So with this weekend also presumably cancelled, it seems the final H&A ladder may be:

Team Games Points For Against Percentage
Pies 12 48 609 225 271%
Cats 12 36 534 278 192%
Port 12 36 497 399 125%
Casey 12 28 553 364 152%
Essendon 12 24 437 320 137%
Footscray 12 24 376 458 82%
Saints 12 20 401 378 106%
Fark Carlton 12 20 353 485 73%
North 12 20 356 504 71%
Hawks 12 16 422 455 93%
Willy 12 10 212 496 43%
Darebin 12 6 226 614 37%

Saints lost to Footscray by a goal in the very last game…

Queens Birthday was always set to be a week off between H&A and finals. There are mixed reports whether the final series is a three week or four week exercise (@Catherine_Lio?) but it is scheduled to finish on Sunday July 11.

EDIT: see below.

Someone at the AFL is either deeply stupid or a shameless troll (“#VFL footy is on this weekend”, in case they edit it):

What they actually meant was:

The AFL has on Wednesday advised all VFL and VFLW Clubs that this weekend’s scheduled matches will not proceed as planned as a result of the Circuit Breaker Lockdown extension announced by the Victorian State Government today.

Outdoor physical recreation and sport will be closed across Metropolitan Melbourne during the seven-day circuit breaker extension period which continues from 11.59pm AEST Thursday June 3 and affects all VFL and VFLW matches scheduled for this weekend involving Victorian clubs.

The community sport restrictions apply to the VFL and rebel VFLW competitions.

VFL matches will be played in Queensland and New South Wales between non-Victorian teams this weekend as the AFL continues to navigate through a moving fixture to ensure games are played.

The Sydney Swans will host Southport at Tramway Oval, Sydney at 10.05am and Aspley will host Brisbane Lions at 1.05pm at Graham Rd, Aspley on Saturday June 5. Both games will be shown live and free on Kayo Freebies.

The fixture for both the VFL and rebel VFLW competitions will become a week-by-week proposition for the short-term and the AFL will continue to work with the Victorian Government and Health Officials on finding solutions for these competitions. The AFL is committed to working through the rounds plus finals to complete both seasons.

The AFL has prepared for this situation and the inclusion of byes for all VFL clubs provides flexibility with the fixture and allows for adjustments to be made. The rebel VFLW home and away season has two games remaining with a four-week finals series with flexibility in the calendar.

Training is permitted for players located in Regional Victoria with group sessions capped to a maximum of 10 players.

The AFL will continue to meet with all parties and review this decision based on the changing circumstances and advice from government and relevant health departments and medical experts. We will communicate any updates and provide advice in a timely manner.

We acknowledge this remains a complicated and rapidly evolving situation but as a football industry we will band together to support each other. This is a reminder that we are all part of a broader society with a responsibility to make sure our community remains safe.

The AFL would like to acknowledge the support of all industry stakeholders and the legion of fans and supporters for their patience during this time.

Looking back at 2019, it appears that the VFLW use the “First McIntyre final six system”.

That means that if the H&A season is declared finished as now, we would play Footscray rather than Casey in the first final (AND BE THE HOME TEAM).

The 2021 VFLW Wikipedia articles details a three-week finals series, and appears to be wrong.

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Hmmmm… Willy have expanded on the AFL’s press release. They say they expect to be playing a double-header on Queens Birthday weekend.

If true, it seems likely the double-header will be against us (the men were meant to play them last week; the women are meant to play them this week). That suggests the VFL will try to catch up all games, and the VFLW will drop round 13.


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It’s all :woman_shrugging:t2: right now… but as far as we know the season isn’t over.


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Or not that we’re not locked down, maybe not… see Paul Cousins in VFL thread and:

Not sure what “flipped” means. If we ignore this weekend, there are two spare weekends before July 3. Having five weeks off and going straight into finals would be less than optimal.

OK, I trust Paul Amy.