VFL - Elimination Final vs Pies @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Sunday 2 September 2018

Live on 7, but get your posteriors to the ground to outnumber the Pies.

Footscray and North both lost today, so we cruised in by a game plus lots of percentage.


So we play Pies?

Edit: Oops… just read the title

Surely the Pies have plenty of injuries and therefore less AFL listed guys available then us?

Although seeing as they’re in the AFL finals, can AFL listed guys who otherwise wouldn’t have qualified, play for them?
Eg: If Treloar wanted a game returning from injury?

I’m fairly sure that as long as the AFL team is playing, any AFL listed player is eligible. Or in the case of hawthorn, even if the AFL team isn’t playing you can get a special dispensation.


Da faq??

Have to be Webbed then, … surely?

I thought ALL VFL Finals were aired in days past?

Possible team:

FB: Hocking, Hartley, NINO
HB: Ridley, Francis, Hind
C: Long, Mutch, Merrett
HF: Houlahan, Bezerk Thatcher, Mynott
FF: Green, Stewart, LAV

Foll: Draper, Clarke, HepA

Bench: Boyse, McQueen, Fennell, Laguda

23rd: not sure who qualifies!

Qualified but injured: Redman, newLAV

Waiting on injury update: Loony, McNeice (should be available, is important given the smaller Collingwood forward line), Younan

Yes, I’ve swung Bezerk Thatcher forward. Him plus LAV should give us extra potency. Stewart may need to do some relief rucking.


The Richmond game on Saturday evening is being televised.

I’m thinking of ABC days aren’t I? Sure they were ALL TV’d then, … :thinking:

And I’m also pretty sure I watched ALL our Finals since 7 got it, … some must have been via streams then.

Surely they will again.

Sat or sun we think?

VFL Pies have beaten us twice this year, I think it’s time to get one back when it really matters.

I didn’t see Matt Dea today, injured?


In this instance & ONLY this instance, … it’s a good thing that the Flogs are in the AFL finals & we are not.

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I’ve got a feeling that I saw Dea on the coverage against PORT…as though he travelled as the emergency.

Good, he will be very handy next week


Dea’s Not eligible to play finals

Doesn’t the bye next week mean they can play whomever they want.

Treloar and Degoey playing to get fitness isn’t going to help us.

Ahhh, … fk.

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Pre-sale tickets for all games will be available each Monday from midday at vfl.com.au/presale

Adults $15, concession/pensioners $10 and kids under 15 free.

The crowd will be partially determined by whether West Coast choke tomorrow and do/don’t drag Collingwood over to their home game.

In the ABC days it was the same as now - only 2 of the 4 finals for Wk 1 were televised.

It is entirely probable you’ve seen all our finals since 7 picked up the coverage without any streams, as until this season they’ve televised the Elimination Finals, so they weren’t having to pack-up and shift the equipment to another ground for the Sunday. I don’t recall us playing a QF recently.

The two finals without 7 coverage were streamed last year for the first time, so I would presume it’ll be the same this season.

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Yes and no. Goldsack will play and Treloar is a possibility, but de Goey is not. If your aligned side made finals and you played AFL in Rd 23, you’re generally barred from playing VFL in the week off barring permission and extenuating circumstances.


Eddie’s Mob will play who they want to.
Will be ‘extenuating’ circumstances.