VFL - Practice Match v Bullants @ The Hangar, 5pm Friday March 8 2024

Scheduled to play Bullants in a praccy on Friday night. Highly doubt EFC will say anything about it though.

Bullants beat Frankston by three points in the carnival yesterday so it will be interesting to see how they fair.


Will be a great opportunity for blokes like Draper & hopefully Shiel, Hobbs, Caddy, Kelly, etc to return and get some match conditioning.


Did hear today that it was VFL-only players. That could be wrong as I think the club wants to play Draper, Shiel etc.

Historically, you can get permission to include AFL players the week before round 1… usually it’s players who never got a full pre-season.

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What about the week before opening thing though huh, huh?

We don’t play in O Round, but.

I was deliberately specific.

Draper, Hobbs and Caddy to play this game.


Hopefully a few watchers heading along? I’m thinking about trying to make it but prob won’t be able to.

Bloody red tape the AFL puts in front of clubs doesn’t make sense.

Why would you stop AFL teams from fielding players in the associated VFL preseason games?

I don’t understand why permission is required…

All clubs should be able to play anyone they deem suitable, at the end of the day we all want the best spectacle of footy. That means having your players primed and well trained.

I think the AFL should issue a please explain. If it is open to all clubs no one team is advantaged, and all teams will benefit.

It’s in the agreement with the players.

A please explain to itself?

Is there a live stream of this match anywhere?

The article on the Essendon website says:

“Essendon’s VFL match simulation won’t be streamed, however fans are encouraged to check the @EssendonVFL account on X/Twitter for updates throughout.”


sounds like quarterly updates or updates after someone kicks a goal then.


Post 1 : Boys are warming up
Post 2: Weid gets value for effort and brings the margin back to 20.
Post 3: Final scores 6 8 48 v 12 14 86. We didn’t get up, but it was a good hitout for the boys.


By contrast, Radio 3DJR will provide full coverage of tomorrow morning’s game.


Big Jorgensen is playing for the bullants today.

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maybe just quarterly, i hope they dont get rsi

We need to buy a 'Blitz head cam, so we can live-stream what our training/game watchers see.

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Zach Reid is running laps on the 2nd oval. Buy gingos he looks fit