VFL practice match vs Footscray @ The Hangar, 12:30PM Saturday 27 March 2021

I’ll be there the day after for the game that matters.


An extremely bittersweet Saturday coming up for us Ugle’s this week. Jamarra’s manager promised the family that he would be an Essendon player in 2021 but it wasn’t to be. This week he’s coming up against the side he loves. Albeit it being in the VFL.

Relationships between Beveridge and Jamarra are still untenable. He kicked 5 on the weekend vs Collingwood in the VFL and was best on ground and Beveridge still won’t play him. Counting down the days until a trade can officially be requested at seasons end, so he can finally don the sash and be an Essendon footballer.


I’ll be there the day after for the Ugle that matters.


Credit to you. One of the more random and persistent trolling attempts I’ve seen.


But the best setup for my joke EVER.


Too funny :joy:

I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that @theDJR stops going to the VFL and it all falls apart.


Buy low, sell high: lots of people say it but few do it. Even as a penny stock with strong growth potential, I’m not sure I’ll get my money back on the VFLW (niche market, long-term investment horizon) but DILLIGAF?


Are you allowed to watch the game from inside the ground or do you still have to watch it from outside the fence

Can watch inside now



Was meant to work tomorrow, but that has been cancelled.

The ex doesn’t need to know that though. Maybe I’ll make the trek out to the Hanger.

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Wait till she checks the payslip, you will be in big trouble

I had intended to go and watch tomorrow, but now thanks to mr sutton and co . The woman who shares my house has to go get a covid test and iso until she gets her result because she travelled back from hervey bay last Friday 19th. And spent 2 hrs sitting at brissy airport waiting for her connecting flight to melb. Even though see never left the airport . Bris airport is classes at greater bris. I now have to be on sports duty with the kids tomorrow arvo after it was all arranged for her to do it so I could go and watch the archie and Jake show.
Hopefully someone can give a running commentary on the game. It would be much appreciated


Are Zaharakis and Guelfi playing as well?

…and I think you’re wrong. It’s the Tom Hird show!

Looking forward to Reid vs Jamarra!


Oh baby! Our version of Darcy Moore

The rain is ■■■■■■■ down.

Should I still go, and invariably get soaked?


I don’t think there’s much rain forecast after midday…

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Exact same question here.